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Waypoints and Sharp Bends.


I think there is a bug in the treatment of waypoints and sharp bends.

When I ride a course and explore the screens on the Edge, the course on the map has a lot of arrows.


When a course has waypoints appears a new data page with the list of all the waypoints (or the sharp bends), the same arrows as the map.

I attach a document explaining this in detail

Waypoints and Sharp Bends.pdf

Let's see if a solution is found. Excuse me for my poor English

Thanks to everyone beforehand

  • Hi Simone, yes, now yo have the distance to the next waypoint that you drew in the track, and not to the next turn. You can try it and verify.

    I use tracks drawn by me in Connect, imported from Basecamp to Connect in gpx, and in more ways
    The best thing you can do is try and verify it by yourself.


  • Thanks! Seams that they solved for Edge series but not for Fenix/Forerunner series :(

    If you have any ideas please contribute to the other discussion but I think the only way is to send e-mail ti Garmin developers.