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Waypoints and Sharp Bends.


I think there is a bug in the treatment of waypoints and sharp bends.

When I ride a course and explore the screens on the Edge, the course on the map has a lot of arrows.


When a course has waypoints appears a new data page with the list of all the waypoints (or the sharp bends), the same arrows as the map.

I attach a document explaining this in detail

Waypoints and Sharp Bends.pdf

Let's see if a solution is found. Excuse me for my poor English

Thanks to everyone beforehand

  • What maps are you using?  Are you using original Garmin maps or some other maps? 

  • The arrows are not “sharp bend” warnings. 

    They are “course points”. These get generated automatically by Garmin  Connect. Your two summits are added to the course point list. There isn’t any way to not have the turn course points and just have the ones you added. You either get all of them or none of them. 

    “Turn guidance” is a separate thing from “course points”. Turn guidance is calculated by the device. 

    “Sharp bend warnings” are a third thing (not course points; not turn guidance) and are also calculated by the development ce just before it thinks you are going the make a sharp turn. 

  • And why are generated automatically by Garmin Connect? I don't want that points. I want only the waypoints I put. 

    It happens since a month ago approx. Before that the courses were clean. 

    I don't understand what do that waypoints mean... 

  • Course points were originally intended to provide turn instructions for devices that didn’t have maps. They can still be useful as a backup to turn guidance (the big white arrows) or if your route doesn’t follow routable roads. 

    You can turn them off on the device but you won’t get any of them (including your custom ones).

  • That makes no sense. What is the use of being able to place waypoints if afterwards the course gets dirty by adding many additional points that all they do is give rise to confusion?

    A month ago, if I put waypoints in Connect in a course, I only saw that waypoints, and the references to them. Now it is a mess.

    Garmin should leave it as it was before. The solution does not go through or you see them all or you do not see any.

  • It seems that Garmin has solved the problem. These annoying waypoints are no longer sent to the Edge from Connect. I tried it today. Regards

  • What is the release that are you using?

  • I've tried with Garmin Connect 4.27.1 today and it works. Last week it was with an earlier version because Connect has been updated to me today

  • So, now is possibile to have distance form the next point in the right way and not the distance form the next turn? 

    Did you create the track/course with Browser or using the app?