Incident Detection Overly Sensitive

Reports of over-sensitivity have percolated through these forums for a long time. I'm on the most current firmware and, unfortunately, any time it rains and I brake even reasonably hard with my front brake, the vibration sets off the incident detection alert. I have disc brakes on a Trek road bike -- and the rotor does not appear to be out of true. Dangerous situation because I end up relying solely on my back brake in the rain more than is ideal.

Anyone else experience this?

  • I came here to share the same experience: a wet front disc brake will without fail sets off incident detection on my Edge 520. It tends to happen in traffic, at stop signs and red lights, when there are cars all around me expecting me to proceed through the intersection, which is about the worst time I can think of to be distracted by a whooping alert and forced to pull to the side and fumble with tiny buttons through wet gloves, trying to avoid having my wife get a false alarm when she's already worried about me because of the bad weather I'm riding in.

    So because this potentially lifesaving feature ends up actually increasing my risk level by demanding attention at the most inopportune times, and increasing my wife's risk of panic attack, I've had no choice but to turn it off.

    Seems like the vibration profile of a crash would be very different than the hum of a wet brake, and it wouldn't be that hard for a sensor to tell them apart.

  • Yep. I think the new GPS update has made it worse - seems to be going off every time I come to halt at traffic lights, but amusingly didn't go off this morning when I did crash going over the bars avoiding a pedestrian that stepped out in front of me...

    I've turned it off now, as it appears to be completely non-functional.