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HOW TO: Make course line easier to see

For some reason Garmin use a thin dark purple line for guidance if you're following a course. This annoys me (not least because if you navigate to a waypoint you get a nice chunky magenta line), so I've tweaked the map theme file to fix it. This is how it looks on my Edge 530 when navigating a route:

If I get around to it I'll make a tool that lets you pick your own colours and generates a theme file for you.

You need to edit one of the MapTheme files (/Garmin/MapThemes/Classic.kmtf) and add the following lines to the <stylelist> XML category:

<style field="MPM_ACTV_CRS_CLR">
				<primary day="#ffff00ff" night="#ffff00ff"/>
				<secondary day="#ffff00ff" night="#ffff00ff"/>

  • I've just discovered this....and I wonder if there's an easy way to configure the XMF file to make the "permanent displayed tracks" thicker?

    because clearly you would make a lot of people happy with this!!

  • I would love to be able to increase the size of the triangle or making white instead of black , there was a time (EDGE 1000) where you could make things on the map bold…not anymore 

  • If by triangle you mean the indicator of your own position and heading on the map, you can change it's colour but not the size. You'll want to change these:


    Setting them all e.g. white should work.
    In the editor these are included in templates High Contrast, Mountain Biking and Theme Editor Sports Fitness defaults.  

  •  used to think that the triangle of the riders position was too small on my Edge 800 and resolved it simply, providing you have a screen protector in place, cut out a small triangle of hi Viz tape and stick it on the screen protector over top of the triangle.

    It remained in place for about 5 years and eventually fell off and then realized, their is nothing wrong with the triangle on the map at all, it is always in the same place so no need to look for it so it is easy to spot as it never moves.

    With my 530, I have never had an issue with it and can always see it as I know where it is, about half an inch up the screen from the bottom and central. Not an issue to worry about.

  • I am going to try , thanks 

  • Can you confirm that it works with the 1040 ? Thanks 

  • The 1040 uses the same themes, so yes, it works. But I don't own a 1040.

  • Is this for real, one has to manually modify a file on a computer to get the maps to look right? That's just not user-friendly. I'm a professional IT person so it's no problem for me, but that's beside the point.

  • Garmin doesn't really want people to change this. (Otherwise, they would have provided an easier way to change it.)

    There are lots of complaints that these things are "too hard to use".

    It seems fairly obvious (to me, at least) that Garmin is trying not to make these things more complicated.

    Garmin has to choose between adding things that people want and the increased support for those things. As a professional IT person, that should be familiar to you.

    Garmin could have decided to make it impossible to change this stuff. At least, there's some option.

  • It seems like "making a course line easier to see" would be a good feature without hacking a file.