Why does the distance to the next turn not update?

Garmin.... oh Garmin....

PLEASE change the "next turn" screen such that the distance at the top left actually shows the current distance to the next turn. For some reason it shows an old value at the top left and the current value at the bottom left. See image. (thanks dcrainmaker)

It would be nice to configure the lower data fields individually. Currently it's quite confusing if at the top it says 0.1 mile to the next turn ... even though I'm standing just next to the turn.

It would also be nice to have more options regarding the changing screens, i.e. configure screen 1 to show for 10s, screen 2 for 5s, screen 3 only manually.

edit: if map screen is set to high contrast, the turn screen still shows the normal map. This should use the same setting. 

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