Edge 530 freezing/crashing on course mode

Hi all.

Today I've tried for the first time the "following a course" mode on my edge 530.

Once the course started, I could not switch between screens, it freezed on a map screen with two data fields (distance to next point and time to the next point).

The distance to the next point was always close to 35m, the device "crashed" after getting to this point.

If I clicked enter button, it shown my other data screens just for a second and then it went back to the map screen described above.

I forced a shut down holding power button for 10s, after that, navigation and data screens worked just fine, however the problem happened again after a couple minutes.

Restarted the device again and turned following a course mode  off.

The unit worked as expected for the rest of the ride but I couldn't use the features I wanted (climb pro and turn by turn navigation)

Did anybody experience something similar or have a suggestion?