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Understanding ClimbPro on the Edge - updated for build 5.50

I thought it would be helpful to write-up how ClimbPro works on the Edge. 

This write-up is based on the recent 5.50 software release.

New in Build 5.50 is

Estimated time to the top of the climb

Understanding ClimbPro on the Edge V1.9.pdf

  • It appears you have to ride the route in sequence? If you skip the beginning of the route ClimbPro will never activate. For example, I recently did a 500km multi-day ride. On Day #1 the climbs would show up. When I loaded the route the next morning and started a new activity ClimbPro would never activate. 

  • hi, I would like to give a little suggestion to evolve the Climb Pro function. In certain routes, two climbs divided by a small downhill / flat section are detected as a single climb.
    It would be great to be able to manually separate the two climbs at will, via PC or smartphone.

  • First of all thanks a lot for this detailed guide, which spares a lot time for the users of ClimbPro including me.

    I bought my 530 just recently, had only one ride when I navigated, actually twice, and therefore I have limited experience with ClimbPro. My first navigation identified only one climb and my experience was fully in line with your explanatory guide. 

    On the other hand the climbs in ClimbPro during my second navigation lagged vs reality. The difference in terms of distance was a couple of hundred meters like 700 or 800 meters. I have just some bets why I was ahead in real life vs ClimbPro screen.

    1. When I navigated and Edge was calculating the course going home I was moving with my bike. Could it cause the problem?

    2. I followed the course, but in the very beginning I chose to use a cylcle path running ( like 10-20 meters away) parallelly with the road chosen by the course calculation  Could it cause the disturbance?

    What is intereresting that the offset of 700-800 meters remained, so I started my Climb no 2 a quite while ago when it popped up a message that I was approaching No 2 .

    Any idea based on your experience?

  • After not getting any response from anybody may I assume that my experience slash problem is a standalone issue not affecting anyone barring me?

  • No, I had exactly the same... Thought it was due to the beta version I was using. Similar to you, I calculated the course at home, whereas the route was on holiday destination. It started with a small deviation, ended up like you with 700-800 m deviation.

    Next day onward I started loading and calculating the course at my starting point, sanding still. Since then no issues with the accuracy.

    Definitely not permanent solution, but a workaround.

    Don't have the option to check with the latest firmware if that has been addressed - I live too far away from any kind of climb Blush

  • Thx for your detailed report, though a small correction related to “Similar to you, I calculated the course at home, ”.

    I did not calculate it at home, but “going home” and that was when I was moving with my bike.

    But we  agree that I never had any issue in case of those routing calculation when I was standing still.

    In the meantime I had another issue. I uploaded a course creating Mapsource and it was buggy for some reason, 530 could not display it just at some specific zoom leves lacking any logics behind.

    My guess is that the root of the problem may have been that this course was the result of merging a real earlier riding track and some track I drew within mapsource. Maybe the directon infos confused the unit.

  • I'm having the same issue. My climbs have been a few hundred meters out of sync and where I live all the climbs are short but can be quite steep. 15-18%. Yesterdays ride had 7 Climbpro climbs and as the ride went on they were more and more out of sync. by theist climb I had finished and was back on the flat before it even showed?

  • I have some issues with ClimbPro.

    I plan a route in Mapsource, convert it to track with Win3gdb. So practically it contains only few elevation data, only for waypoints/clicks I chose/made in Mapsource.

    Nevertheless ClimbPro perfectly identifies everything, ascents of the climbs, lengths of the climbs, grade etc. Everything is realistic and are comparable with actual terrain.

    A) An observation first: avg grade of the climbs seems to be not rounded, but truncated ones, so 39 m up in 1.000 km is 3% as avg grade.  So not 4%. Is it what others think, too?

    B) Back to my problem. I see the elevation profile of the next climb until “go” appears, then the elevation plot disappears, the actual position does not go through the climb. Nevertheless the ascent remaining seems to be perfect, and the remainder length of the climb, too.

    Why? Is it a bug or is it something explainable? 

    FYKI I always keep Garmin DEM Map as enabled.

    C) Certainly it is not the only problem for me. The next one is that the total of the ascents of climbs shown in ClimbPro can be MORE (!!!) than the remaining total ascents shown as a navigation datafield, which is rather illogical, isnt it?

    I guess it is a simple bug. Any other experience related to it?

    D) Demotivating phenomenon: I am on a climb of ascent of 200 m and I have already climbed 50 m , but it does not always mean that the remaining  total ascent  of the whole course navigation has decreased by 50 m. It can be much less in  reality. It implies as if ClimbPro and course navigation used different source data. Can it be this way? I couldnt find any logical reasoning.

    Thanks for reading and reacting.

  • FYKI I always keep Garmin DEM Map as enabled.

    As far as I know, climbpro uses the elevation in the track.

    If you aren't using a track and have the device create a route for you, the device gets the elevation for the points in that route (track) from the DEM map.