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Inconsistent training status across devices


despite I have activated on all my devices (Fenix 5 and Garmin Edge 530) the Physio Trueup feature, the training status and the training load are different across the devices.

For instance on my 530 the training status results "High Intensity" with a training load of 891. On the other hand, on the Fenix 5 the status is "Unproductive" with a training load of 754.

Like I said, Physio Trueup is active and the devices are always syncronized with garmin connect. I suspect that the Edge 530 calculates the traing load differently from the Fenix 5.

Any help is really appreciated.


  • Hi, same probleem here with fr245 and edge 530! Really frustrating. @Garmin: please respond

  • Same here. Fenix 5 and Edge 530. Furthermore Edge this morning lost all sensors after 10 min ride. Wtf.

  • i am having the same issue. Fenix 5x and 530. completely different TL on both devices. Super frustrating

  • Hi,

    I reported the same issues to Garmin Support when I first got my Edge 830 in June 2019. They agreed there was an issue as the training loads never agreed with the Forerunner 935. Nothing has improved since then. I have looked on other forums and found the same issues with different device combinations stretching back for 2 years. If more people contact Garmin Support directly perhaps something will be done to make physio true up work.

  • Have things improved for you over the months since you posted this?

    Recently I noticed that I'm missing an entire day from the Training Load view on both devices, not from the history view -- history view shows the ride along with the training load score -- but somehow that training load was never integrated into the analytics.  Consequently my 7 day training load is wrong on both devices since the activity that was lost was a very hard workout that made a huge contribution to my overall training load.

    It is showing me in a recovery status when I'm actually in a build week.  Up until this missing data, I had been fairly satisfies with TrueUp.

  • No, nothing has improved, I have the same issue when switching from fenix 5 to fenix 6x. But for me I hope it'll get fixed by nature after 7 days as I plan to sell fenix 5 and use just fenix 6x... ;)

  • Dear garmin Admins, i can not see why garmin connect can not integrate the Training load and recovery Time between my fenix 5S and my edge 530.

    i am doing multiple sports ( Cycling, Running, swimming, climbing, ...) so i need 1 number of Training load and Recovery Time for my Body. Before i bought the edge 530 ist was all fine, but since i record Cycling with my Edge now my Training load is lacking a lot. 

    how can that be? Physio Trueup is supposed to sync the Training load as well...

    Now with the purchase of a bike Computer my Training data is lacking my cycling Training load. Kind of the opposite it was supposed to do

  • Johnny,

    If you look on the stats on the 530 itself, it will actually show an intergrated training load from your watch as well.

    I have no idea why it shows an intergrated load there, and not on Garmin Connect.

  • I have a 5X and an Edge 530 and both show different training loads. I have contacted Garmin support and sent them loads of screenshots ad folders, I'm still waiting for an outcome. Bizarrely the exercises on the Edge are showing in the running LT graph with just a HR data point, even though LT is switched off on the Edge and only the cycle rides are showing in the exercise load graph in the training status screen. This is really frustrating.

  • I just took delivery of my Edge 530 - also being show some two different Training Status's between the two devices which is ridiculous - very frustrating. Any idea on how we can escalate this?