Problem with Di2 connection after update to firmware 18.23

hello everyone.

Since I updated to firmware 18.23 the connection with my Di2 does not work correctly. The gears are displayed delayed and the handlebar controls do not work until pressed many times.

I would appreciate including this issue as an improvement in the next firmware version



  • No updates so far, as all the ppl that left their comments about this issue here with proper actions with Garmin to provide them device logs and experiences months ago since the latest updates have been deployed to Solar version.  

    Plus, I can tell that old Edge devices have no issues with Di2, as my Edge 530 APAC version works pretty well. 

  • Maybe now that Shane Miller (GP Lama) is having issues with the classified Hub gear signal dropping all the time something will happen.  Here's a link to what he says.  Basically he had to turn the classified hub sensor off because it was connecting and dropping so often.  Sounds exactly like what my Di2 is doing.

  • Thanks for your sharing and yes, I already have turned mine off like him.  Plus, 19.19 firmware for APAC version is not yet released.  As far as I believe and assume that 19.19 still has this technical issue, but let's see.

  • 19.22 APAC update has been released today, but nothing changed/fixed in terms of the Di2 connection for gear displaying and shifter buttons according to my trying.

    Jesus.. Garmin made me speechless again. :-$

  • I was really hesitant to pay extra for Ultegra Di2 over Rival eTap AXS or 105 Di2 after reading this thread, but it all works fine with my 1040 Solar running 19.22. There is a slight delay (maybe 1s) in switching screens using hood buttons, but I find it acceptable. I noticed no connection problems or disconnects. I use full-synchro shifting and I really like the notification when the front shift is coming.

  • Do you know where the "Radio" for the Di2 is located relative to  your Garmin 1040?  Mine is located in the seat tube.  If I hold the 1040 closer to the Seat Tube it works fine.  In front of the handle bars on the mount it works maybe 10% of the time.  I have a 1030 and it works up to 20 feet away with no issues using the same Di2.  

  • Could you do a test standing 10 feet in front of the bike to see if it still works?  If not move closer to say 5 feet and see if it works.  Please report back

  • OK, I did take a closer look at the range and latency.

    For context, I have Ultegra R8100 series (R8170 shifters and R8150 derailleurs). I believe the radio is in the real derailleur. The battery is not in the seat post (I took it out and did not see it), but in the down tube (there are some attachments under the bottle cage), I think. I have Edge 1040 Solar with 19.22 firmware.

    For the range, it's extremely good. I could put the Edge 1040 something like 15 meters (50 feet) away and reliably control it with hood buttons, even when putting my body between the shifters and the Edge (first test) or between the rear derailleur and the Edge (second test). It did not skip a single page change out of something like 20-30 attempts at that distance, whether triggered by a single click, double click or holding the button. Of course at this distance I could not even see the screen contents, but brightness changes were clearly indicating that the Edge was reacting to my controls. I think the latency was sometimes a tad longer compared to when the Edge was closer, but still in the 1 second range. At least most of the time, with occasional hiccups. It still changed the page in the end though and I did not see such hiccups when the Edge was mounted on the handlebar.

    For the latency, it feels like it's around 1 second for page changes, probably because the button press needs to be sent to the derailleur first, then the derailleur forwards it to the Edge and then the Edge needs to react. It's better for data fields like the gear ratio, though, where the latency feels closer to 0.5 second. Maybe partially because the shift also takes time and the field seems to indicate the desired gear ratio, not necessarily the actual gear ratio (if the shift can't be performed because I am not pedalling it still shows the new value), so it's kind of cheating ;-)

    Of course it would be great if everything was instant, but I consider 1 second to be at the limit of what I think is acceptable. Edge control reliability should be near perfect and it is near perfect from my experience. My biggest complaints for Garmin and Di2 integration would be lack of Garmin Connect visualisation (the Di2 data is present in the FIT file from what I can tell, but there are no graphs or stats in GC) on the Garmin side and Di2 occasionally entering a "dead' mode when I abuse it too much (I need to connect the charger to make it alive again) on the Shimano side ;-)

  • I’m having the same problem here in the Midwest a few hours from Garmin HQ in Kansas.   How does location affect this issue ?

  • Hi,

    Located in Denmark.

    Please reach out directly.