No TyreWiz support?

So I still have to use my old Garmin for TyreWiz data?

  • Maybe if we all send a message to the developer of the tyrewiz datafield it will be updated soon Slight smile

    But yes, for now there's no tyrewiz support, which is a bummer.

  • I already emailed Garmin and SRAM support.  I don't understand why Garmin doesn't just add native sensor support for TyreWiz like Hammerhead and Wahoo have.  I've been saying since 2018, but still the Connect IQ doesn't work, and still Garmin refuses to add support for these.  The TyreWiz app still doesn't work correctly with Edge 1030 Plus four years after the sensors were released.  If the Edge 1030 Plus goes to sleep and then wakes-up, the Data Field shows up as an error.  This has been the case since the Edge 1030.  Neither SRAM nor Garnin can fix this.  Maybe it's a Connect IQ bug?  IDK.

    Speaking of sleep mode, the 1040 seems super buggy about powering down vs sleep.  It was charging, and then randomly turned itself back on from the "off" charging screen when I just charged it with the new firmware.  I hope it doesn't take three years until the Edge 1040 Solar Plus comes out before all the bugs are fixed (which was the case with the original Edge 1030).

  • I also emailed the TyreWiz app author and left a review.  I'll call Garmin support on Monday too.  I own a $800 brick right now.

  • Native support would be best indeed... But hammerhead only added that feature last week so it's not like only Garmin was lagging behind...

    Never really had issues with the connect iq app, I have two pairs of TyreWiz (2 different bikes) and both get connected to the same Edge 830 without any issue.

    Have you tried upgrading the TyreWiz to the latest firmware 1.15.1? Might solve your issues regarding wake from sleep?

  • Yes, all firmware is updated.  Every other sensor will wake-up, but the TyreWiz field just shows an error after the Edge 1030 Plus powers on after going into sleep mode.  This has been an issue for the entire time I've owned the Edge 1030 Plus.  I have to fully power down the unit and power it back up.  This is still preferable to the Edge 1040 situation where I can't use my $200 tire pressure sensors at all though.

  • I know that TyreWiz not working is annoying but I hardly think that makes the 1040 a “brick” unless nothing else works either.  Keep it in perspective.  I imagine that Garmin hasn’t introduced native support because, from their perspective at least, not many people care about it compared to other things they are working on.

  • It might as well be a brick to me because it doesn't support the sensors that I have on my bike, and I'm stuck using my old Garmins until it can.  And, if it's not fixed soon, I'm returning the 1040.

    Connect IQ has been an absolute disaster since it was released.  It still doesn't work in 2022.

    Also, even if the app existed, transferring to a new device just deletes your previous data field and replaces it with a timer when you upgrade from a previous device.  That's what happened when upgrading from the 1030 to the 1030 Plus.  And, from the 1030 Plus to the 1040, you can't even re-download the app and re-add the data field because Garmin deprecated EVERY SINGLE APP that has ever been written in the Connect IQ store.

    Again, why doesn't Garmin just natively support the three ANT+ Connect IQ sensors that actually work and just call it day?

  • I have emailed the developer. It looks like quite a lot of IQ apps / data fields don’t work with the 1040 yet

  • I have emailed the developer. Out of interest how does wahoo / hammerhead support tyrewiz? I’ve never got the Karoo 2 to find them

  • Apparently, SRAM/Hammerhead just added TyreWiz support while Garmin removed TyreWiz support