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Screen quality different to 1030?

I’d be interested to know How the new 1030 plus screen compares to the 1030 screen in terms of visibility and richness of colour. Is it better fullstop or the same?

  • The faster  screen responsiveness is due to the the faster CPU. From photos I have seen, I don't see any significant screen difference between the 1030 and 1030 plus.The longer battery life could not be used by the majority or riders who very seldom do rides longer than 10 hours and the 1030 handles that fine.

    I don't see any reason to consider a upgrade to this new model since I have been pleased the the performance of the 1030 and I don't consider the slower CPU a issue. However, I would like faster legs.

  • The screen responsiveness is not just the cpu, it has an updated digitiser panel as well. Seeing photos of something wouldn’t show you any difference anyway would it. It’s the screen you are looking at it on that has its limits, like the camera. In my experience using my eyes, the screen is definitely brighter in day light and simply looks better against my 1030, that sadly you can’t argue with, maybe something to do with the new digitiser? Battery life might not be a big thing, but it means you charge it less doesn’t it? So that in itself is a good step forward surely? 

    Above are enough reasons to consider an upgrade if it helps you have an easier life.

  • + It supports multitouch for zooming - really handy :)

  • Well, randybb, my good old 1030 does that too...

  • I have never noticed it :)

  • can confirm this: colours are pale, screen  (even with 100% set) darker and nit si fine contrast  than old garmin 1000, 830 and even the cheap Edge Explore.

    Clearly better when in direct sunlight and acceptable but nit excellent in the wood or in a room. Embarassing why Garmin produced the Edge 1030 plus promo pics with bright colours of menues, stats and maps - when this in not so in reality.

    Ok these newer displays have big advantages like better responsiveness and better tiuch functions, furthermore thry are 
    much quicker. But one has to be fair and state that display colours and brightness were better at the older display type.Not a big problem but a difference anyway.

  • Agreed. I originally got the 830 and just got a 1030 Plus, mostly for the bigger screen. Maybe if I hadn't originally gotten the 830 I wouldn't know any better...but seeing them side by side is truly...disappointing. 

  • I can confirm this, same result when you compare the 530 and the 1030 plus.

  • the screen is amazing. It looked fade in the evening indoor when I unboxed it but it is perfect outdoor in the sunlight.

    You can say:
    the problem start with needing backlight. The more backlight is necessary the paler the colors and  contrast.

    Just out of curiosity: in bright sunlight - are 530/830 equal to 1030?

  • I have been experimenting with both the 830 and 1030+ for over a week now. I also bought the 830 first but then felt tempted to go bigger (exiting unit is 1000 explore). There is no way no how the two screens can be compared. The 830 is superior by a mile. True, the 1030+ gets much better in direct sunlight, but even then not as good as the 830, and only in direct sunlight. Some shade or low light and it is actually easier to read the smaller numbers on the 830. Using the unit indoors, for settings, planning etc, borders eye-strain, especially when looking at the map. I also ride at night and it is difficult to see.

    I was going back and forth as for which one to keep, because I do like big and mostly I like updated. However, the 1030+, compared to the 830 seems outdated. I contacted Garmin support to see whether I have been missing something as I couldn't believe the poor quality of the screen on the flagship model praised so much on many reviews (most just quoting the brochure) . Garmin's rep said the screen on the 1030+ is older than that of the 830.

    So far, I did not find a feature that exists on the 1030+ and not on the 830 - other than the set up.

    My 1030+ will route itself back to Garmin and the 830 is now an honorary member of my bike's helm society. I figure if I want big, I might as well wait for the screen to catch up on the real next iteration and not a +. 

    I also concluded that the 830 is a tad faster moving between pages. I assume that has to do with the smaller number of pixels. It is noticeable and appreciated.