• RE: Critical device software upgrade needed

    Same notification issue. Huawei Mate 10 with a Forerunner 235. Everything seems to work I just have the constant notification that I need an update.
  • RE: Sms and call notifications

    I have the same problem, latest Garmin 520 software and Huawei P1 phone.
  • Forerunner 30 No MSG Notifications

    My Forerunner 30 doesn't receive any sms or call notifications from my Huawei Honor 9 Lite. Any chance of fixing this?
  • RE: Connecting issue with Huawei phone

    Something that's worth having a look at as it seemed to improve (but not cure) the notification issues is to go into Notifications Management (in EMUI) for GC and make sure Priority Display is on.

    I've stopped getting the Critical Update message in…
  • Garmin Connect + Huawei Honor = Notifications don't work

    Hello all

    I bought my wife a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch and ran into a problem.
    Vivoactive 3 did not receive notifications from the Honor 9 smartphone.
    In Google and on the forums I found only a description of the problem, with no solutions. There were only…
  • 935 - Huawei P20 Lite - Notifications

    Hi all. This might need to go to support, but will check here first.

    Forerunner 935 - Huawei P20 Lite
    Forerunner Firmware: 12.20
    Connect IQ: 4.15

    Tried everything possible but the watch does not maintain a connection to the phone. So no notifications, no…
  • RE: Vivoactive smart notification function don't work on Huawei P8

    Problems with Vivoactive HR and Huawei P8

    Similar problem for me! I receive notification on my watch, but I only see the sender. I can't see the content of the notification.
    Anyone has had this problem?

    Thank you!
  • RE: Smart Notification is not working

    Hi all, why is my garmin instinct not showing incoming massages/ call notification after connected with my huawei P20 ? anyone have solution on this issue please?
  • Notifications- Access required

    Every day when I connect my forerunner 235 to mobile app it is said "Access required" on my Huawei P Smart
    But all notifications are enabled...

  • RE: Access Required Notification

    I am still having this problem. Started when my Huawei P10 got the Android 8.0.0 update. Whose problem is this? Garmin connect app or Google Android Oreo?