v10.43 software faster battery drain issue


Unfortunately 10.43 managed to drain the battery even faster than 9.37.

20% in 22 hours, Garmin, what's going on?

With the same settings, I had just under eight days runtime under the 8 versions.

Since version 9.37 only four to five days maximum.

I bought the fēnix 7S Sapphire Solar for ~ 900€. Since I just expect more, and am considering returning the watch, since it still has warranty.

I use durable OX, and have the notification for three apps active.

Yesterday on today no sports activities, just normal use. And still such high consumption.

Resetting the watch is not an alternative, there must be another solution. Other manufacturers prove that it works!

Regards Bennifr

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  • I was mainly talking about restoring metrics not all CIQ extensions, settings, etc. The easiest way is not necessary the best way. After factory reset, the same user might set all settings back and even instal the same extensions.

    Anyway, all that can be, in fact should be implemented. Even Android is asking do you want to restore and what after factory reset or even after buying a new phone.

  • Thanks first to the constructive commenters!

    My solution looks like this.

    1. perform a soft reset. No factory reset is necessary
    2. drain the battery completely until watch turns off
    3. charge it completely
    4. restart directly after charging, by pressing upper left button until Menu appears, choose Turn Off (Ausschalten)
    5. Done! the battery now works again with all functions as expected.
    the battery consumption was only 3% in 12 hours, which is perfect!

    So the solution consists of different steps from different commentators.

    If this behavior continues, the problem is solved for me.

    All functions mean:

    Permanent OX measurement

    Permanent notification

    WLAN connection

    and so on

    Update 25.11.2022: After 34 hours drain of 27%. Which should be 6 days of until it needs to be charged again. What is OK for me. Less than expected but OK.

  • You can still reset, see if the bare system works and then get the backup in to narrow it down. Full backup lowers the bar to try it, if it will not result in a wasted day setting everything up again, no matter if the reset changed anything or not. 

  • I am happy to hear the good news!! Thank you for providing the steps to help everyone.

  • By hard reset, do you mean pressing the light button until the watch turns off? And did you do the same thing (pressing light button) during step 4 too? Or is a hard reset something else?

  • Yes hardreset is the Light Button Pressing until the watch turns off.

    Reboot means the Normal restart

    Guess with a factory reset the result would be better, but means to Lose All data.

  • with a factory reset the result would be better

    Only because this clears all user settings and data and allows for a proper evaluation of battery usage before adding or changing anything. It is not offered as a solution to battery drain but it does allow the user to better determine what might be causing the drain. Provided the affected user takes the time to check over a period of time. If a full reset and restore to factory settings is undertaken then the watch should be fully charged then used without adding anything from CIQ store, use only default watch faces, and making only necessary settings changes to first determine the baseline. 

  • bod 2 úplné vybití baterie znamená její vybití až do vypnutí hodinek?

  • As a reference point: I unboxed a Tactix 7 Standard and upgraded directly to v10.43 and did a full factory reset. Then I left it in my office drawer overnight (so no OHR/Ox/BT to phone etc.). When I came in this morning 16 hours later the battery had dropped by only 2%.

  • @Tombor

    Exact, it means to let the watch turn off itself

    Přesně tak, znamená to, že se hodinky samy vypnou.