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System Software 27.00

Hello Fenix 6/Marq/Enduro/Tactix Delta users, 

We have fully released system software 27.00.


Change Log

Added Device Settings Backup and Restore.
Added manual SW updates using Wi-Fi to the settings menu (Pro models only).
Added CIQ App Rating to all CIQ Types (no longer restricted to "Apps" only).
Added tracking of splits for Ski.
Added the ability to check for software updates via Bluetooth.
Added support for 100hz sensor rate for CIQ apps.
Improved quality of randomness of music shuffling (Pro models only).
Improved display of ski/snowboard activity summaries to exclude chairlift data.
Updated software backup to display a message when backup is from an incompatible source.
Removed the limitation on the number of points allowed in a course.
Fixed an issue with alarm tones not activating when an activity is set to max battery.
Fixed an issue where some Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Greek text would not display properly.
Fixed an issue where the Indoor Bike Activity would default to the first set of data fields.
Fixed potential issue where the “Safety Features Enabled” notification would continually be displayed.
Fixed an issue where devices would not play a tone nor vibrate after acquiring GPS in an activity.
Fixed an issue when pairing to new CT10 golf club types.
Fixed an issue to ensure training load is properly calculated when using the Store & Forward feature on supported Garmin HRM straps.
Fixed an issue where the device would sometimes shutdown when viewing the map on the Fish activity.
Fixed an issue with audio prompts on workouts not playing the correct messages.
Fixed an issue with auto runs on the Ski activity from not always starting on a descent.
Fixed an issue with auto pause on the Ski activity from improperly activating.
Fixed an issue where the menu to create a course would not display properly.
Fixed an issue where sport devices would shutdown when attempting to create a backup.
Fixed an issue causing lap cadence spikes in swim.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause smart notifications to not display properly.
Fixed an issue where the device would shutdown when creating a custom course.
Fixed an issue where LiveTrack would stop tracking after 24 hours.
Fixed an issue where eBike-related data fields would show incorrect data.
Fixed an issue where the text displayed on the Breathing Activity would sometimes be blank.
Fixed missing ski/snowboard distance in the All Stats section for those activities.
Fixed an issue with CIQ apps that would sometimes cause the device to shut down.
Fixed an issue with swimming activities where the distance data would be stuck at zero.
Fixed an issue where the Backcountry XC activity would have duplicate data screens.
Fixed an issue where the Sync Failed message would display even if a sync was successful.
Fixed an issue that would cause Sport devices to occasionally shutdown.
Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.