Fenix 6 start/stop button dead


So as appears now to be a common fault (if I'd known I wouldn't have bought a second hand fenix, but too late now) my top right button has failed. Quite an important one. I've tried the soapy water trick and it did appear to be helping until the button just died completely. And I do mean completely.

I've emailed CS but I don't expect much joy.

So, is there any other way I can trigger runs and stuff to start? Via the app? Can I remap a button (gonna be tricky without select...). I'm doing a coach training thing and I really don't want to miss out as I'm feeling the benefits :(


  • Unfortunately not something you can work around, the only thing I can imagine to have some sort of recording of your training is enabling MoveIQ so you will have runs and walks shown on the timeline in Connect, and average heart rate and maybe average pace, but you won't be able to start any of the trainings.

    Do contact Garmin support, phone or chat is generally quicker, to talk about options.