how can i set up this specialist interval run?

hi all

sorry if this is obvious

I've got what i think i can call an interval training run to do.

It's actually a fitness test / development run.

I don't know how to set it up on my fenix 6s


  • i have 40s to complete 91.4m (length of a field hockey pitch)
  • my target pace is 16s
  • any time i have spare after completing the distance, out of the 40s, is rest i.e. my rest window is variable and not programmable as such
  • i have 6-8 periods / lengths to do

I'm interested in how long i.e. my pace each length takes.

I feel like i want something like the free HIIT programme i.e. i just time while i'm active and while i'm resting.

However, i really could do with some kind of timing to warn me when my next 40s period will start. I also suspect my thinking will not be clear enough to do the timing arithmetic, once i'm a few lengths in Rofl

i think i can use the open interval running setting but how can i enforce my 40s rule too?

i don't think i can use a fixed interval workout because i can't have 0s rest (i've tried and can't programme this under the running training interval function - the minimum is 5s).

Could people suggest how i might set this up?

many thanks,


  • What you are describing would be easy if it were a swim workout. Garmin Connect and the Fenix 6 already support fixed repetition time intervals for a swim.

    I've done a bit of playing around with fit files and I was curious so as a test I took a run workout and edited the fit file to make the rest step have a repetition time based duration. This sort of thing has sometimes worked in the past because the fit file specification and the watch itself have some capabilities that aren't exposed in the Connect workout tool. Unfortunately when I load it to the watch the watch does not recognize that as a valid rest duration type so it just substitutes rest until lap press. So even though the fit file specification allows this the watch's run application doesn't know what to do with it.

    I would say your best bet would be looking for a third party Connect IQ run interval app and see if any of them can do what you want. I did a quick search and saw several results for run intervals, though I didn't dig into them, so there might be something that could work.

  • You might just go by 40s repetitions.
    Later in Garmin Connect you can check your statistics per "rounds".
    This includes time in motion, pace in motion, best pace ...

    so if you don't move while resting, this could be an option.

    Or you take alternating repetitions with the option "end by pressing lap", but then you'll have to press the lap button right after your sprint and check your time.

  • thanks VERY much for a) taking the time to reply and b) being thoughtful and investigative with your response.

    I have looked at various apps and data fields but haven't found anything specific

    what i thought of:

    - tried a custom workout

    - have a countdown timer running in the background

    - had a good play with interval settings

    The problem is i need a combination of a fixed and open interval workout.

    i noted your swimming example regarding fixed repetition rest periods but haven't found anything like that for running :(

    i got close with the custom workout and a timed interval with a pace set (to at least aim for the 16s target).

    This gave me the 40s countdown but the lap button just starts the next activity, rather than triggers a rest period.

    NOTE: i then tried a rest period triggered by the lap button but while that works for triggering rest, you lose sight of the 40s repeating window

    i investigated the native countdown timer (idea being i'd have the timer running in the background then just do an open interval) and got close with this too.

    I can have a 40s timer endlessly repeating but really need a countdown to the countdown (i need time to start the timer and then start the interval tracking etc).

    Any thoughts on an app or perhaps a countdown to the countdown timer idea?

  • many thanks

    what do you mean by

    "Or you take alternating repetitions with the option "end by pressing lap"..."

    would this trigger a rest period?

    Would there be a master timer too, so i can track 40s periods?

  • nah, that's what I ment by "check your time" so you would have to calc how long your rest should be.

    What about the Swimming thing? Couldn't you just copy the swimming activity and add the running sensors?

  • I would go with fixed 40s intervals:

    These are some intervals I did, as you can see 1min each, and in garmin connect you can see time in motion and pace in motion (motion/Bewegung).
    Obviously I was in motion all the time, but I guess if you run only 16s out of 40s, you should see it there.
    It might be not as accurate with the short time distances, but I would give it a try.

    No planned resting in the intervalls, just repetitions with 40s.

  • What about the Swimming thing? Couldn't you just copy the swimming activity and add the running sensors?

    unfortunately i've no idea how to do this. I think Paul tried doing this too (when he was modifying FIT files), with no success.

    I have tried googling adding fixed repetition time for a rest period to garmin's running actcivity but got no hits.

  • thanks Phab

    i'll just use open ended intervals, as i want to be able to accurately see when i've run and when i'm recovering (i might be in motion e.g. walking a little to ease down from the running)

    Just need to find a countdown timer that has an intro period.