Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Teardown (Non Destructive)

Inside Fenix 6X Pro thanks to Ferhad Fidan.

Many information about chips to be sure/verify of the specification and supported features.

  • same post under Fenix 7 forum, more interest there, maybe because of the age of the fenix 6 :-)

  • How would you consider the water resistance after reassembly? Might be an issue for those who will want change the battery after the warranty expired.

    Also, what did you make of the barometric sensor? I'm always worried because of water ingress, dirt, ecc, and that it might impact the sensor in the long run.

  • Hi. As you can see in the images, there is a gasket between the watch body and the bezel. When bezel is screwed to body, gasket is compressed between the bezel and body. Thus there is no place for water to leak inside. Additionally, I prefer to use some cream or oil on the bezel, so that it keeps the water out better. I'm not a diver and never dived with the watch. However, I (tried to) swim and bathed with it, no issues. Now, my friend is using it, no issues still...

    I usually don't touch the barometer in my teardowns. But if you need to do sth. it's just mounted with a few screws. Unscrew them and it's off. Screw them and it's in place.