HRM Pro and Fenix - training load?

I have a question concerning the use of the HRM Pro and Fenix 6 when using the "store and forward" function (e.g. swimming or other sports, that don't allow for a watch). I would like to wear the HRM Pro for climbing , when its not possible/ ideal to wear the Fenix. I was doing some research and got to one point in the FAQ that kind of threw me off:

"Some metric calculations, such as Training Load and Training Effect include data recorded on a Garmin watch that are not recorded using store and forward. These metrics will be different or missing when using store and forward.  Other metrics or measurements that rely on heart rate will be impacted by this feature as the data will not reprocess through the separately uploaded activity data from a Garmin device."

if anyone has used this feature for swimming/ soccer/ climbing/ martial arts: do you get a training load/ training effect even you use the store and forward? If this doesn't work i think i would hold off buying the hrm belt.

Thanks a lot in advance.