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Fenix 7 feature guessing game

Hey, guys, just though to speculate. X series always has a standalone feature on Garmin Fenix, so I though we’d play a guessing game as to what that feature will be with the 7x fenix. My guess it’s the EKG with AFIB detection. You?

  • You?

    My guess? New features, new name:  There will not be a fenix 7.

    It will be called fenix 8.

  • My guess is that it will, among other features, be able to display what time it is. What do we win if we're right?

  • OOO I don't know ... they may be aiming to go really modern Slight smile

    "Garmin's new solar watch face technology levers the power of the sun to give you local time - we call it SUNDIAL"

  • More NFC capabilities would be great, I can have barcode based member cards on my watch, but also copying NFC based ones would be great.

    And program NFC tags with stuff, I could put one on my bike and the watch would start recording a biking activity without me having to select and start one when I scan it.

  • Personally I don't care about any features other than improved GPS (distance and pace) accuracy. Dual band GPS would help.

    Other than that I really want to see many software / firmware issues fixed, especially those related to the navigation and live segments. I could make a long list of how navigation and Strava Live segments don't work the way they should, starting with user course points basically not working when courses are synced via Garmin Connect. 

  • The barcode idea is great and doesn’t really require any new hardware since i know I’ve done QR codes for boarding passes in the past. Just the ability for CIQ to be able to display graphics fine enough.

    EDIT: Looks like there’s already a CIQ app for that.

  • Let us stick to the basics - accurate GPS and reliable Pace readings Laughing

  • Its not an idea, I said i use that already, allowing us to use the NFC for stuff other than payment would be new.

  • It's funny, the longer I spend with the Fenix line, the fewer features I've actually ended up using. The only features I tend to use these days are:

    • Navigation
    • Pace
    • HR Zones
    • Programmed workouts
    • Aero/Anno load
    • Spotify
    • NFC payments

    Anything else is a plus, but I wouldn't class it as being essential for my use-case. Garmin basically created the perfect watch with the Fenix 5 Plus.