Fenix 6 Series - 18.77 Public Beta

Hello Fenix 6 customers,

Our next beta version for the Fenix 6 series is now available! 

Please ensure that you are downloading the correct beta software for your specific device.

Instructions for installation are available below the change log on each of the above pages.

18.77 Change Log Notes:

  • New Adventure Race activity: This new activity prevents use of GPS data fields for navigation, allowing the watch to be used in adventure racing and orienteering races where GPS devices are not allowed.
  • Automatically disable Battery Saver when battery sufficiently charged.
  • Fixed issue with default FTP value for XC Ski.
  • Fixed issue with distance to green layout while using 'Big Numbers' mode in golf activity profile.
  • Fixed potential crash when viewing ConnectIQ widgets in glance list.
  • Fixed potential crash while using ClimbPro.
  • Fixed issue where "Calibration Complete" message was truncated for some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where some training metrics were not updated after downloading stored heart rate from a capable chest strap.
  • Fixed issue where the LAP key may not advance workout step.
  • Fixed issue where Treadmill distance/pace would not record if watch was also connected to another nearby training device.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Current beta peripheral software version numbers below. New versions are indicated in red.

GPS: 5.30
Sensor Hub: 8.00
ANT/BLE/BT (Pro models): 6.11
ANT/BLE (non-Pro models): 3.00
Wi-Fi (Pro models only): 2.60

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are not compatible for APAC region devices.

Please send all bug reports to [email protected], and indicate which model of the Fenix 6 Series you have in the subject line.

  • Dcrainmaker just posted an article on this. After the activity there is a verification screen, that can be shown to officials. 

  • Hi all, there is a bug in the Garmin devices (Fenix 6 for sure) which is not specific to this or any beta, was wondering if this in known (and actually... If it is present also outside the Italian language, have no idea if this is specific to us but know a number of people that got it)


    The quick answers to notifications don't work if the contact from which the message is received contains an emoji in the name as registered in the phonebook (like "Mike Slight smile ")

    This also applies to WhatsApp / telegram group names 

    Basically, the option to reply to message does not even show up on the watch, only acknowledging the notification is possible (and blocking further notifications from the app)

    Was wondering if it is a known already bug, of if worth highlighting to Garmin support.

    Thanks, cheers

  • Music player for me is not working Pensive after installing beta 18.77

  • what kind of data are you interested in for e-bike?  Couldn't you use bike profile?

  • I is messing with strava (KOMs) and other metrics in garmin connect. So is garmin has profile for ebike (it is in FR945LTE and edge) why do not include it with fenix and forerunner?. 

  • Aren't you getting bored yourself at your negative attitude and useless comments?

    I'm pretty sure most of us are.

    If you're so angry and dissatisfied with Garmin, why don't you put your energy into something you do enjoy.

  • "no one asks for". What are you basing that on?
    Do you think this forum is the only way of askingand complaining?
    I guess there are plenty of people out there that sends in feature requests, without having to write about them on this forum.

  • Ya, while I don't really understand the desire to have an e-bike profile on a sports tracker watch (wouldn't the "track me" activity suffice?), one can't really ignore the fact that clearly a lot of people really want this activity profile for some reason.

    To the chronic complainer's point above, adding a new activity profile is unlikely to break anything else on the watch. Activity profiles are basically stand-alone apps. If you don't use it, then it does nothing. It doesn't run in the background or anything.

  • The whole e-bike thing is actually really simple (also, it's already in many Garmin devices btw). For example, I have an e-bike, an e-cargo bike specifically. The very specific reason the profile is useful is that it correctly tags the ride as an ebike ride for Strava automatically, thus, ensuring that I don't trip any Strava Segments (which, I certainly wouldn't in a cargo bike in the Netherlands with a bunch of kids in it, but hey...).

    Obviously, I don't much care about the physio benefit of a cargo bike ride, rather, I care about *the ride* itself. So, in my case, it might be a 3 hour ride in the snow with the kids, or a ride out to the seaside towns, etc... But it's no different than anyone else e-mountain biking or whatever.

    It's also plausible the ebike profile has different PR groupings or such, I'm not sure - it's never really an issue for me with the cargo bike plodding along.