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Be Warned: Basecamp Satellite Imagery is now no longer Fenix 6 compatible

EDIT: Other people are using BC PC fine with satellite imagery... anyone else having a problem?

This has seemingly changed from recent years, and weirdly enough Basecamp Mac allows the install but Basecamp PC doesn't.

So if you have an existing subscription, be careful. Seems you need to use a Mac now to upload the imagery to the watch. I only found out when using Basecamp PC (which tells you) whereas Basecamp Mac not only doesn't tell you, but allows the files to copy over.

Surreal? It sure is.

PC says

Mac says 

  • It has not been taken away. The Fenix 6 Pro series watches were removed from the compatibility list. Which simply means, we do not recommend buying it and downloading it to your Fenix 6 Pro series watch but to each their own. Maybe you will be perfectly happy but maybe you won't.

    This is where I'm unclear. In your post above, it sounds like Birdseye will still be available for Fenix users if they wish to try it, including those who don't have it yet but may wish to buy it in the future, but with the caveat that it isn't officially listed as a supported device. That makes sense and is understandable.

    But earlier you said,

    It can no longer be 'purchased'. Those that already purchased it, are grandfathered in.

    which makes it sound like it Garmin intends to (or already has) removed the ability for Fenix users to download birdseye imagery to try on their watch if they want.

    To be clear - I'm totally fine with it being not officially supported but still available to those who wish to give it a try, with a "caveat emptor" policy. What upset me, was the indication earlier that it won't be available anymore going forward, for anyone except those who already have it. So some clarification on that would be great.

  • EDITED to avoid further confusion:

    "We have removed the compatibility of the Fenix 6 Pro series watches for the Birdseye Satellite Imagery."

    For any additional questions regarding Birdseye Imagery, please contact your regional Outdoor Product Support.

  • If you go to About Basecamp on your machine, what version USB drivers does it say? I'm still trying to work out why my Mac basecamp works fine, but the PC one doesn't ... tried full reinstall and everything