Fenix 6 pro Trailrun Activity with 14.72 Beta

Since 14.72 the Trailrun activity seems to deliver updates to V2omax and fitness level.

Until today that wasn't the case so is this a bug or intended?

  • Since a couple of firmwares updates that the vo2max is calculate on trail run activity. But the value wasn't displayed on the watch, only visible on runalyse.com for exemple. Maybe with the last firmware, garmin now show the value on the watch.

    When you look on "training status" widget, do you see the vo2max of your last trail run session? I will try this week.

  • Runalyze only shows the exastly same vo2max value to the trail run as you have had calculated on last run

  • Vo2max got updated after my last training session (trail run) which it shouldn't.

    And since I am doing trail runs frequently I know for sure that that wasn`t with software 13.10 and lower.

    I can`t speak for runalyse.com but Garmin connect did not use any fitness level or v20max during trail runs.

  • Same thing happened to me this morning, VO2max calculate after trail run activity (51 drop to 50) and training status unproductive since training load increased due to the activity.

    Not relevant since I felt quite fast and easy after a good recovery...

    I believe it's a bug. Unless garmin came up with a new algorithm to account for pace and climb speed vs heart rate - which I really doubt...

  • good to know I am not the only one. V2omax should not be calculated because of the terrain and height differences.

    Please report to [email protected] if you don`t mind.

  • Your VO2max fell by one ml/kg/min and it’s a bug? It could simply be a rounding difference.

  • It is not about how it changed, it is about that it changed at all which it shouldnt after a trail run activity,

    And since 14.72 it displays fitness level in the activity details which it did not before that

  • Unless of course Garmin have added the ability to estimate VO2max from a trail run activity, which appears to be what they have done. And this in response to many requests over time. If you look at the First Beat algorithm there is an allowance in there for height gain. THe main issue with Trail Running is that average speed tends to be lower because of the terrain, which might or might not be due to elevation gain/loss. Thus a slower pace could be expected to lower VO2mas if the heart rate doesn’t change as much as it would be expected to with a road run.

    You might not want it but others did and such is the way of the world.

    Personally, I’ve always used Run for all my running trails or otherwise so my VO2max is a ‘true’ measure not filtered by removing longer slower mire challenging trail runs. 

  • If people want V02max for TrailRun then they can use normal running activity. If Vo2max is used for trailrun too, there is not really a sense in having it native. Running in mud or other bad terrain or running uphill/Downhill will always result in higher effort which has a negative impact on vo2max.

    Nontheless, if there was an intended change, then it should be in the changelog, otherwise it is a bug.

  • No, I just meant by "bug" the fact that VO2max was reported while I thought it should not have been. Other than that, I don't think the value is totally inconsistent Slight smile