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(RESOLVED) - GPS Accuracy Issues Starting January 1st 2021

Fenix 6X Pro - s/w 13.10

My last 2 walking routes seem to be way off the mark when viewed on a map, whether in Garmin Connect or Strava. One had me starting 5 miles away.

Any reason for this? Is the GPS accuracy really bad? Are there any tips to improve accuracy?

Thanks for any assistance.

  • Guess I need to go to Specsavers :)

  • Share us your CPE.bin if it's current from 745 :D

  • I try this but CPE is expired 6xpro

  • please give 5 full minutes outdoors with no movement to see if your CPE file will update for you to CURRENT.

    Whilst this didn't make my CPE change from Expired either, it did make sure I had an excellent GPS lock on my Fenix 6X pro Solar before starting this run a couple of hours ago (perfectly captures where I actually went, including crossing roads etc).  A good explanation of why this is so, has been posted over on the 945 forum here (15 minutes is a bit excessive though, 3-4 minutes usually does the trick).

    This really is a 'first world problem' and the folks at Sony aren't going to fix this until Monday at the earliest (this looks to be a generic Sony problem rather than a Garmin one); so in the meantime just give your watches a 3-4 minute 'static GPS soak', and check your location on the watch, before you hit start on your activity and you should be OK.


    Interestingly deleting the file from /REMOTESW and redo-ing a cable'd sync via Garmin Express returns an expired CPE file. There's definitely some timing issues here and although my Anytone radio doesn't have a Sony chipset there may be a timing issue thats expressing itself in similar ways on Sony and the chipset in the Anytone. I haven't heard much back from the amateur radio forums but they don't tend to be as mission critical usage of GPS as us runners, and the fact that there's been no mention on the news of issues for users of commercial/aviation GPS does tend to suggest this is a chipset issue - some bad math somewhere

  • Please note, I have updated my original post with additional new information. The long GPS soak before all Outdoor activities will workaround the CPE being Expired and should improve your GPS tracking while our engineers continue to work on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

    Please refer to Support Center article - After January 1st 2021 My Garmin Watch GPS Track Accuracy is Incorrect

  • My CPE says expired also on my Fenix 6X Pro.

  • looks highly likely to be linked to devices with the Sony GNSS chipset, possibly beyond Garmin (Polar/SuuntoCoros etc). so apple watch and older garmins won't be affected.

    there might be a workaround to leave your device stationary and recording in a space open to satellites for 15 minutes. this 'forces' an update of the satellite positions on your watch, though I'm not totally convinced that will work but worth a shot.

  • A few days ago I had to reset my Instinct and so did two of my friends on their fenix 3hr and fr235 which encountered similar problems or couldn't get a gps fix, please check if it is a problem that affects other devices as well

  • I can confirm here: F6 Pro, 13.10 with 5.0 gps firmware. GPS only.

    After the GPS fix, I was located at the south east of my position (it seems it's only west for lot of people ?).

    But you "just" have to wait for some minutes, exit the activity and start it again: hoora ! My position on the map is good !

    EDIT: As I'm reading the thread, I see that is more or less the official Garmin workarround posted by Chris. You just don't need to exit/restart activity. Just wait some more time after the fix and go.