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(RESOLVED) - GPS Accuracy Issues Starting January 1st 2021

Fenix 6X Pro - s/w 13.10

My last 2 walking routes seem to be way off the mark when viewed on a map, whether in Garmin Connect or Strava. One had me starting 5 miles away.

Any reason for this? Is the GPS accuracy really bad? Are there any tips to improve accuracy?

Thanks for any assistance.

  • I guess it's a chipset issue as it seems also Suunto users had the problem today. So either a general problem or a specific Sony chipset issue.

  • Well it’s odd, I can’t reproduce it now

    Same. Tried with 2 different Garmin fitness watches a using just GPS and an automotive device. Tracks were spot on.

  • Actually, it’s doing it again. If I acquire a satellite signal using GPS, then switch to GPS + GLONASS I can watch my position change. Switching back to GPS only and the position corrects. 

  • After my run today I noticed the tracking was wrong. The distance is fine but I was just wondering if this could effect the time of my run

  • The same here , today using gps+glonass first 5 10 minutes, more than 300 meter off to west very strange I’m using 6x pro 

  • Same here, 6S Pro fw 13.10. 5.00 GPS

    70 minutes running session with GPS+Glonass resulted a 400m wester offset start, then, after 15minutes track accuracy has improved a lot even not perfect. 

  • Happened to me too with the vívoactive 4 using GPS + GLONASS. Just a guess, but this could be due to GLONASS implementing leap seconds.

  • I had the same problem this morning. Tried GPS only, gps+glonass and gps+Galileo, made no difference. Opened a Run activity and went for a ride in the car. After 5-10 minutes, my postition on the map slowly worked its way to the right place. All seems to be functioning normally again. 

  • Same Situation today, i don`t realize at the begin, i am waiting 2-3 Minutes to get the right position!

    At the evening i go for a short run. At the beginn i wait until gps is green and on the right position at the start, 100-200meters off, i have waited for 5 minutes, it´s going not really better the arrow drives much more away. I have tried only gps, gps glo and gps gal, always the same!

    Then is start my run, at 500 meters the arrow was on the right position, i end this activity and start from new, not really better, i have ran in the water, sometimes it was spot on track, i don`t now, maybe the satellites play´s wrong today!

  • the days before the track was spot on, nearly perfect! GPS 5.0 Software 13.10! I have updated the GPS from 4.8 because that version was so bad, 5.0 was much more accurate but today was a funny day, happy new year!