FENIX 7 must haves the wearable killer


1.The Fenix 7 needs to be comfortable for sleep and have a ir diode vs a green one:

- make an elastic strap (put on upper arm), when I wear the f7x all day, I get rashes

-have a different diode for sleep (like oura infra red which is invisible) that is invisible so no impact on sleep (green does decrease melatonin). 

-maybe have an app that let's you use your oura ring vs the watch (or an accessory that is comfortable...the watch on 24h even during sleep in not fun)

2. Have an amoled screen and hybrid touch screen that you can deactivate by pressing a button

make it bigger, brighter ...

3. Have a speaker on it (to scare bears in the woods)

4.Let it calculate velocity like the PUSH band for strenght workouts (or have an app)

5. Have Vo2max on all activities ...even resting like polar

6. Make it thinner 

These elements will make it the best...(just the sleep alone would!)

  • Dual gps. Polar style sports activities.

  • I just want a stronger vibration for erotic purposes !
    But that's me.

    Really that would be a huge success !!

    StRoNgEr ViBeS NoW !!!!

  • Among other things like a dual frequency gps chip, 4th gen elevate heart rate sensor for better accuracy, more colors and better resolution display(no amoled) etc, I wish Fenix 7 would have a touch screen and before you blast me, here’s how I’d like it to operate: in the quick setting menu option to turn touch on/off, aloe to setup by activity when you want touch screen to work vs not(run-no way, walk is ok for example). I do love the 5 button layout and it works seamlessly but I do wish for daily task it did have a touch screen and I believe there’s a way to make it work on a real outdoor watch.  

  • Touchscreen - I don't want it - but it could be OK if it can be switched off by key press, and not reactivate itself too easily.

    Memories of the Epix touch screen in the rain.. it was just awful.

  • I am not in need of upgrading, I actually tend to buy my Garmins towards the end of the live cycle, half the price and hopefully most the bugs are sorted...

    So I came from my Fenix 5 Plus, and for me personally the F6 Pro apart from better battery life hasn't been an upgrade, it does have a lot more 'features' but most are gimmicks, and many do not work properly. GPS I think overall is worse. 

    About the only thing that would interest me is the new dual band GPS chip which is supposed to improve GPS accuracy. But that's too late for the Fenix 7, that'll be Fenix 8 / Forerunner 965..... so it's unlikely I would get the Fenix 7. The all black F6 Pro also looks horrible compared to the slate grey F5 and the silver F5+ so actually if they could improve the cosmetics a bit might help...back to F5 slate grey please! Oh and less bezel please, so much space is wasted with the black surround between the screen and the case....

    I do not want a touchscreen or Venu type screen, I value always on and visibility in daylight far more.

  • Ok, I don’t want to think about, where you would wear your watch...

  • All the features mentioned here plus:

    • Industrial standard three phase power connector
    • Separately sold back pack wearable hydrogen power plant to deliver a blazing 2 hours runtime with all that features
  • Why do you think it is too late for the new Sony dual band GPS chip? The chip has been available since last summer, and Garmin has already released two handheld GPS navigation devices with the new chip.

    Here is the link:


  • Everybody, seem to want a dual band GPS receiver. Are there any good tests with such devices in different activities?

    Actually, having dual band GPS may not increase the accuracy for all activities. I remember from some old tests with Broadcomm GPS chipsets that it takes some time to reach the best accuracy. For example, a minute or more to reach to 30 sentimeters accuracy and you needed to stay at the same position to reach that. How is the things nowadays? Is dual band good for only slow activities, or will it help running inside a forest?

    And take Polar V800 for example, it doesn't have neither dual band, nor multi constellation GNSS support. It only works with American GPS but, it's maybe more accurate than todays GNSS watches.