FENIX 7 must haves the wearable killer


1.The Fenix 7 needs to be comfortable for sleep and have a ir diode vs a green one:

- make an elastic strap (put on upper arm), when I wear the f7x all day, I get rashes

-have a different diode for sleep (like oura infra red which is invisible) that is invisible so no impact on sleep (green does decrease melatonin). 

-maybe have an app that let's you use your oura ring vs the watch (or an accessory that is comfortable...the watch on 24h even during sleep in not fun)

2. Have an amoled screen and hybrid touch screen that you can deactivate by pressing a button

make it bigger, brighter ...

3. Have a speaker on it (to scare bears in the woods)

4.Let it calculate velocity like the PUSH band for strenght workouts (or have an app)

5. Have Vo2max on all activities ...even resting like polar

6. Make it thinner 

These elements will make it the best...(just the sleep alone would!)