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Software Version 11.10 & Sensor Hub 7.12

Garmin Users,

We released update 11.10 and Sensor Hub software 7.12

System Software 11.10 Change Log

Added additional options to Live Event Sharing. Triggers added for Every Mile and Transitions (allowing for multi-sport use)
Added support for displaying courses to viewers of user's LiveTrack sessions.
Added support for FE-C and Smart Trainer control. See options in Bike Indoor activity.
Added support for configuring map settings during an Expedition activity.
Added support for battery hours remaining as a data field option.
Added support for displaying running and cycling VO2 Max for a multisport activity when applicable.
Added support for canceling a route when in simple tracking mode for Indoor Climb.
Improved Bluetooth stability and reliability.
Improved the music experience on device.
Fixed an issue where summary activities (sync’ed from another device) were showing up in the list of navigable activities.
Fixed an issue where smart notifications received in quick succession would not populate its options correctly.
Fixed an issue where the device would fail to save an activity and the progress spinner would spin indefinitely.
Fixed an issue with the user interface of the alarm page.

Sensor Hub 7.12 Change Log

Improved off-wrist detection