BUGS BUGS BUGS. When will be solved?!?

Me and other user are months that we suggest to solve some TERRIBLES bugs on F6. Every time in every post of stable or beta release we wrote the same BUGS:
-HR detection in some activity like hiking is totally inaccurate. Recording with another f6 on the other wrist, but with an activity like walk, the  HR is more reliable. It's from november that we ask to solve this problem.
-Altitude profile in navigation: the altitude profile of the route we planned in navigation mode, most of the times is garbage...in a clear descent on the maps, the profile altitude shows an ascent, or a plain route. This problem is obvious also in the last model of fenix, so are YEARS that we WROTE this bug.

But Garmin prefer to add dogtrak , sleep detection or other functions.

Due to this is a watch that must be used for outdoor activities and not to count how many times your dog make a poo, GARMIN, PLEASE, HEARD YOUR USER AND SOLVE THE BUG THAT WE NOTICE FROM A LOT OF MONTHS!!

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