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Fenix 6 Series & Tactix Delta Software 9.00 & Sensor Hub 5.07

Garmin Customers,

We released the following updates.

Software Version 9.00 Change Log:
Added support for Indoor Rock Climbing. Easily track the number of routes and ascent with automatic climb detection. One can also enable "Route Stats" to log route difficulty, number of falls, attempts and completions.
Added support of Bouldering. Use the LAP key to start/end routes at the gym. One can also log route difficulty, number of attempts or completions.
Added support for Grit and Flow metrics to the Mountain Biking activity, which measure the difficulty and performance of each ride.
Added support for downloading workout videos over Express or WiFi.
Updated the look and feel of several widgets and the End of Activity flow.

Sensor Hub 5.07 Change Log:
Improved optical heart rate during hiking activities.