Seconds hand randomly disappears on F6 pro since 8.10

With any analogue watch (on use the pre installed Garmin ones) face the second hand randomly disappears off the screen. Sometime for just a few seconds ie disappears at 2 o'clock position and reappears at the 3 o'clock position or some times for over 30 or 40 seconds. Digital faces are fine second dot moving or second numbers no issue. Just the second hand on all analogue faces...have done all the usual soft reset etc. Didn't do this when I first got the watch a week ago when it updated to 6.10 on initial set up only noticed it after 8.10 and that by pure chance.

8.10 change log mentioned a update to clock...bug maybe

It's certainly not screen as everything else is all good.

Very strange....anyone or Garmin have you seen this?