Fenix 6 springbars

Is there any way to buy original fenix 6 spring bars? I ask for a perfect and 100% safe fit of the 3rd market bracelets.  

  • I have contacted (called and spoke to real people) Garmin Support three times since I bought my 6x Pro inquiring abouit purchasing spare spring bars.  The responses were all the same: "Spring bars are not yet on the fenix 6x repair bill parts list, and therefore not currently available.  We will have them available some time in the future."

    So... I guess I'll keep calling.

    I have tried to find an independent source, but the fenix 6x bars (26mm) seem to be unique because of their larger diameter spring bar ends where the bars fit in the watch lugs.  


  • For the 6 Pro, are these just standard 22mm?