Strength app no longer showing Laps as data field option

When I first got my F6, I made a custom 6 layout data screen in the Strength App where one of the fields included Laps so that I could just divide easily by 2 and know the total number of working laps/sets I did alongside an equal number of rest laps/sets. (Short rant: @Garmin, why don't you allow "Sets" as a custom data field in Strength app?!)

Anyway, I went back in today to edit the custom data screen and move Laps to a different position, and now I can't find the Laps data field option anywhere in the Strength app. I see it in other activities like Cardio, but not in Strength, even after I previously used it to create a custom data screen in Strength. Am I going crazy and just missing it? Anyone have any idea what's going on here?