Incorrect Swim Distance (pool) - Is this user error?


I have a feeling this may be user error!  I am learning to swim in a 30m pool.  Because I am a beginner I tend to rest after each length.  Therefore, I am hitting start on my activity, swimming 30m, hitting 'lap' and resting for a short while.  I then hit 'lap' again at the start of each lap, pushing off from the side.

Now, logic tells me that every time I press 'lap' I should record a new length of 30 metres.  As you can see from the attached however, I seem to record a lot of 60m lenghts.  Is this double counting because I am pressing 'lap' and then also gliding off the wall?

I also sometimes change stroke mid-length which may have an impact but not to the extend I am seeing.  Any advice would be appreciated.