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Fenix 6 Series - Software Version 5.00 Live

Fenix 6 series Customers,

Software version 5.00 is currently live. Please report any issues with this update in this thread, discussion will be locked once update is live.

Change Log

  • Added Backcountry Ski App. Switch modes using the LAP key to track your stats as you ski off the beaten path. 
  • Added support for Action Menu during Golf. This should provide a more consistent and discoverable way to access more functions (actions) using the 'Start' key. 
  • Added support to auto enable Battery Saver during Sleep. (Menu > Power Manager > Battery Saver > During Sleep.) 
  • Added support for disabling workout videos during an activity. (Activity (Strength/Yoga/Pilates/Cardio) > Settings > Workout Videos) 
  • Added support for workout video preview. The user will now be able to view the video and notes for each step from the ‘View’ option in the workout menu. 
  • Added support for Airplane Mode, which allows the user to disconnect from all wireless communication namely Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ANT. (Hold Light > Controls > Hold Up > Add Controls > Airplane Mode) 
  • Added support for file based Emojis, which brings support for over 1300 Emojis. (Update your device through Express or connect it to Garmin Connect Mobile.) 
  • Added support for ClimbPro ‘Climb Detection’ setting in Cycling. (Bike > Activity Settings > ClimbPro > Climb Detection) This allows the customer to customize grade ‘sensitivity’ when identifying climbs. 
  • Improved ClimbPro for cycling by adding category coloring to the ascent graph, which better depicts the difficult portions of the climb. This will also be available when reviewing the elevation plot for a course. 
  • Updated the Alt. Time Zones widget with an improved selection process incorporating time zones for over 450 different cities worldwide. 
  • Improved connection reliability with iPhone 11 and some Samsung Galaxy phones. 
  • Improved compass performance. 
  • Improved the Respiration widget and the Breathwork activity. 
  • Fixed an issue where the device may become unresponsive when trying to navigate certain types of PacePro enabled courses. 
  • Fixed an issue where the stress score could intermittently get stuck at 25. 
  • Fixed an issue with treadmill calibration. 
  • Fixed a connection issue with the Running Dynamics pod. 
  • Fixed an issue where the connection state of Speed/Cadence sensors was not updating properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where the course list page appeared to skip a course when scrolling. (Non-Pro models only.) 
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the map would switch to a Dark theme when previewing a pacepro course. 
  • Pulled in support for WHR v20.04.50. (Requires SNS v3.10) 
  • Brought in several improvements for music.