Navigating a route created by Garmin Explore with turn by turn.

I was expecting that the device (Fenix 6x Sapphire) would use the map and navigate me on road between waypoints, as opposed to just showing me a straight line.

For reference:

Similar to how the device navigates you to a selected waypoint.

What actually happens is that I create a route on Garmin Explore (iOS) and sync it to the device. 

Then, on the device I select "Navigate" and in "Courses" select the created route. 

The device shows the route with straight lines between points.

Is there a way to actually navigate a course on the roads?


  • There are two 'modes' of navigation in fenix.

    'Follow course' when you know exactly where you want to go and what path to follow. You get a straight line between points, but your mapping site gives you a lot of points that follow all paths/roads.

    'Use map' is more like a car gps in that you set specific points on places you would like to go to, but you want your device to choose how to get between the points.

    It sounds like you have Navigation app configured to 'Follow course', but would like to use 'Use map'. App settings-> Routing-> Courses-> Follow course/Use map.

  • Thanks. That's what I was looking for

  • Has the navigation interface improved at all freon the fenix 5x? On the 5x the turn by turn come on late, and the visualization is not great as compared to the edge series.  I am hoping that with three larger 6x screen came some nav improvements. Waiting for the 6x solar vented titanium to be available. Thanks for any responses

  • I'm coming from 5x to 6x and think the navigation feeling is a lot better.

    Still the same lagging in the tbt:( You have to use the pre warning.

    But the bigger screen is really giving a better visibility and many more course points. I think 200 now compared to 50 in 5x.

    Much better elevation tracking. My v800 was always better than 5x, now 6x wins almost every time.

  • Do you guys know what another navigate app could work with F6 for iOS? The Garmin Explore only has 2.3 stars out of 5. Thank you.

  • thanks for that, the 50 course point limit on the 5x was always an issue for me, great that it's 200 now. now i just need the 6x solar to be available for order

  • I use on my mobile and transfer my file to watch with Gimporter widget.

    Gimporter do need an companion mobile app and I think that is only Android. 

    Try GRouteLoader widget or IQmapReceiver widget for tranfering.

  • Thank you so much. I will try GRouteLoader.Grinning

  • One of the most useful aspects of using the Explore app with a Fenix 5/5+/6 (with maps) is using Explore to quickly plot/save some waypoints you want to navigate via/to.  Then just sync those waypoints to the Fenix, where they appear as saved locations.  You can then just use the watch navigation routing on the watch's maps to navigate to each waypoint/saved location as you choose (ClimbPro works when doing this too); so if you want some 'options' to add you your day if you’re doing well, then the extra waypoints are there to navigate to if you want to.

    The unique beauty of this Explore App plus Fenix navigation solution, over any other available out there, is that it can all be done offline (when you are out of range of cell phone networks or WiFi).  So if you decide to change plans half way through the day, then just get the phone out of you pack briefly and create some new waypoints, sync with the Fenix, then put the phone away and just continue to use the watch to navigate.

  • That's pretty neat. 
    The app is pretty basic but it provides unique value.