Sleep tracking not accurate ...

Hi All

I got Fenix 6x Pro two weeks ago upgrading from Fenix 3 HR. I love the new watch and I was really pleased to see much more detailed sleep tracking to my old watch. I started checking my sleep record after each night and...

Last week was really tough for me. Tough negotiations at work resulted in a lot of stress and sleepless nights. I literally couldn't sleep at all, maybe had few rounds of sleep but woke up after really short time, then just lying for few minutes, turning, rolling, then standing up and going to the bathroom... In the record in the morning I can see I had 7 hours of sleep, the only difference is that it recorded only 8 minutes of deep sleep and a lot of REM and light sleep, which is obviously not true ... I know that a watch cannot know whether I'm actually asleep but recording a light sleep when I'm actually standing up and walking to the bathroom is clearly wrong...

Another thing is stress. I had stress peaks last week when I really physically felt bad and the stress ratio was high, but then I managed to get really relaxed through meditation and just refocusing and it was still high...

can this be improved somehow, maybe it needs time to learn my patterns, or is it just all we can get from a device like Fenix ... ?

  • I was using a Huawei Watch GT before deciding to go with a Fenix. Sleep tracking was very accurate. It recognized even a few minutes when I was waking up at some nights. And of course evening naps etc. It definitely needs improvement if it is working as you described

  • I guess my experience has been a better one.  My sleep tracking seems to be very accurate.  This is from last night and it shows when I woke up at around 5:30am and was awake for a bit before falling back to sleep.  I've been pretty happy with this Fenix, and it was great on my 945 also.

  • Hi, it's not the reality, your pattern isn't the real-life pattern, I have been in the same situation, absolutely nervous, rolling and turning in the bed, but for the watch was simply a REM phase! Now it's absolutely wrong and useless!

  • Hi, it's not the reality, your pattern isn't the real-life pattern, I have been in the same situation, absolutely nervous, rolling and turning in the bed, but for the watch....was simply a REM phase! For now it's absolutely wrong and useless this monitoring

  • My experience has also been better:

    My fenix 6X Pro has consistently recorded an accurate representation of my sleep.  Very satisfied.

  • Same here. The sleep tracking provides a very accurate representation of my sleeps since August. Zero issue on Fenix 6 Titanium.

  • I find mine accurate, at least it reflects how I feel when I wake up and if I wake up and go to the bathroom it will say that I'm awake. Perhaps this article can give you some guidance:

  • I find a little weird that most of the screenshots I have seen in the forum about sleep tracking has 1-2 small deep sleep period in the beginning of the sleep then nothing.

    My experience is exactly the same, however, the old firmware gives me more deep sleep phases than the current stable one. I tested it two times, upgrading and downgrading again.

    I would mostly interested in the deep sleep phases, how do you know that they are accurate in your case?

  • I returned my Fenix 6 and I'm waiting for Garmin to fix some kinks before rebuying...

    But I will say I was pretty happy with the overnight sleep tracking in the 30 days I had my watch.  There were about 4 nights out of 30 that the watch had me in 'light' sleep when I was awake and moving around my bedroom.  Or getting up and tending to the newborn.   I never got to update the firmware beyond when I received the watch ( a few days after worldwide release).  So not sure if the interrupted sleep detecting got any better.

    Other than that napping doesn't work at all.  Anywhere from a 20 minute power nap all the way up to a 2 hour nap.  None were detcted.  If Fitbit figured that out then Garmin should be able to too.  Though with Fitbit naps = 60 min or more.  Which does nothing for power naps that avoid REM sleep. 

    EDIT:  Pulse OX was pretty much useless during sleep.  I'm suspecting that I got  a bad sensor because it wasn't all that great when I was awake either.  Most readings had to be forced via widget (even though I had all day and night tracking on) and took 3 or 4 perfectly still readings to register anything.   Maybe I just move too much in my sleep.  In the two weeks I had it turned on I probably got 3 nights worth of data total. 

  • Here is my log from one of the recent nights. I wasn't actually asleep for the first 1-2 hours, just watching TV, but it added that time to the total. Also, no deep sleep at all, actually I slept quite well that night...