Fenix 6X Sapphire or 6X Pro Solar Titanium

So this is killing me !...

I did have a Pro Solar on order via Garmin, due to my AIA Vitality membership I can get 25% off.

The wait originally was only 2-3 weeks, it's been over 2 weeks nad now was told that it could be a wit until the end of October!....

The 6X Sapphire is only 2-3 days.

I have only seen the 6X Sapphire in person and trying to way up the cons and pros of both.

  • Sapphire screen, to me is nethier a pro or con. It's suppose to be more scratch resistant, but give off more reflection. When I did see it, (In a shop under fluro lights) it did not seem too much of an issue to be honest, no idea outdoors. 
  • Size, love the size, I have average to small wrists, and think this watch looks great, extra benifit of having bigger screen, easier to see when running and I guess better / bigger GPS antenna? 
  • Weight, now this is a hard one, wasn't as heavy as I thought but definately noticable on the wrist, this is where I think the solar is a Pro and the Sapphire a Con but without being able to try the Solar on, can;t really compare.
  • Looks, I can't help but dislike seeing the liitle markers around the innner bezel, especially if you don't have an anologue watch face, jsut doesn't make sense to me, I see the Solar may not have these markers wich would be a pro for the Solar for me.
  • Wait time, I can get the Solar with a few days, or wait 4-6 weeks for the Solar!
  • Price, well after discount the Sapphire is $150AUD cheaper, so although a Pro, the differnce is not too much.

1st world problems hey!...

Is there anyone that has actually tried both of these watches? 

If so, which did you prefer and why?


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    Yes I did and I chose the Sapphire one. The weight difference is nowhere noticable. When you know it, you may notice it having one watch in the left and one watch in the right hand. But nothing that makes a difference in wearing.

    Regarding the looks of the bezel, I like the Sapphire more, because it hasn't this "solar halo" around the screen, which isn't very decorative. And in contrast to you, I really like those indicators (I have an analogue watchface), and it looks better to me.

    The Sapphire screen is a big plus, as the scratch resistance is significant. No problems reading the screen (nobody ever had this on the generations of fenix watches before - this discussion only exists because of the solar feature).

    The stainless steel DLC bezel is also more resistant to scratches. As there is no noticeable weight difference, this is a plus for the steel version.

    The solar feature may be cool, but it doesn't give a significant power boost to the watch. To get good results, you have to charge your watch three hours every day(!) in the brightest sun.

    So you see I didn't find any pro for the solar. And the sapphire version is also cheaper and available now. I think you should go for it!

  • I am just wondering if there is a difference in GPS reception  between Stainles Steel and Titanium bezel ...Thinking

  • I have both right now and actually prefer the 6X Pro Sapphire to the 6X Pro Solar Ti.  My Ti's OHR hasn't worked since day one so there's that.  I think I just prefer the black and gray of the 6X sapphire vs the silver look of the Ti.  The gray bezel really shines on the sapphire and is a nice contrast against the black.  The sapphire also looks really nice with a brown leather strap.  I think dxp laid it out nicely as I agree with everything he said. 

  • That's a good point about gps reception

  • Thanks,

    I did not know about the difference in bezel colour, as they looked the same on online photos.

    I would prefer darker bezel then a more silvery bezel.

  • hi,

    my recommendation is to see them in real both side by side, indoor, outdoor, if you can...

    I have the Solar.

    • Sapphire vs Power Glass (Gorilla Glass DX on Solar)

    here is an endless debate - I like the lack of glare/reflections A/R treatment of the Solar when I saw it the first time I said "this is it"

    makes a difference in demanding light conditions - clear sky near sunset reflecting in the watch on the handlebar 

    Solar has the crystal recessed, below the bezel level, so it is somehow protected. I do not know how Sapphire stays. 

    • size 

    I have a small wrist, but I prefer large watches because are more comfortable due to the wider strap 

    advantages in Fenix 6 (and 5) line - more battery autonomy, possibly better GPS reception

    in 6 line the display size is bigger in 6X than in 6 and in 6S

    • weight

    my 5X+ Sapphire 98gr

    6X Pro Sapphire is 92gr

    6X Pro Solar       is 82 gr

    I felt a weight difference when tried the Solar over 5X+, as 6X Sapphire is in between, Former Member could be right

    • looks

    I don't like either the second/minutes markers on Sapphire, but, if I had one, I'd appreciate an analogue watch face readability....still keep in mind that analogue watch faces usually came with their own markers

    I like more the Solar dial

    • I'll add Titanium vs Steel

    6X both DLC - so even in scratch resistance

    I like more the "warm" feel of titanium (yes in winter steel is cold) 

    GPS reception - good question  ...I cannot compare mine 5X+ with 6X as they have different GPS chip (6X is way better than 5X+ for sure, tested by me) --- I think it is hard to imagine a test to see the differences 6X steel vs titanium...even on right hand one and the other on left hand could make a difference (closer to the walls, etc) ...my guess is they are almost the same.

    • waiting time and price - here I cannot help you mate...Wink

      ...I never had issue with the OHR...but many reported and seems that affects all the models.

    two picture and finger cross to make the right decision and ...enjoy it whichever you choose!

    just me,


  • I dont have either.  I did splurge for the 5x sapphire, and I regret the added $.   Yes its more scratch resistant, its also more brittle  if you want to get technical.  I use my 5x for ultramarathon.  Out in nature, trails, mountain.  so tripping and falling and hitting rocks is likely scenario.

    we all probably have newer smart phone with some type of gorilla 7, 8, 9 etc.  Any of you ever scratch those?  of course you have.  I have.  I just had to have my Galaxy Note9 screen repaired after a crazy unlucky phone drop while on a mountain bike.

    How do you feel about that scratch on your $1000+ phone?  Walking around town, you might not ever bump your $1000 watch on a concrete wall.  But with my 5x I opted to put a screen protector on it anyway.  I look at my watch very often.  To see a scratch on it ever time I look at it would just piss me off.   Sapphire will scratch.  Sapphire under protector will not.

    I'm going solar, but I want the better battery. Ultramarathons are 15-30 hours.  if I can avoid carrying a usb battery.  Sweet!
    i'll put a screen protector on my new Fenix 6x no matter what. I just take one missed root... 

    just my two cents for regarding the "scratch" argument point for the sapphire.

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    Its pointless to put a screen protector on either the sapphire version or the solar one. The solar will get much less energy from the sun, while its absolutely pointless to put plastic on sapphire. Worse readability, worse look, no effect. Sapphire will not scratch, until you throw it on the floor from a remarkable high. And then it will shatter before it even gets a minimal scratch.

  • If the case was metal, the bezel may prove to be an issue; however, as it isn't, this is a moot point.