24-7 Pulse Ox question

My battery life has been averaging only 5 days on my Fenix Solar.  Feedback from other forum members has been to turn off the 24-7 Pulse Ox to achieve a much longer battery life.

My question is of what value does having it on 24-7 provide particularly if you don't train at high elevations or wear the tracker to sleep?   Is there any value to having this data logged or should I just turn off both options including "acclimation" to "manual" in the Pulse Oximeter settings? 

  • I ran my Fenix 6X with full 24/7 Pulse Ox and it cut my battery life to 8 days including 7 run, swim and cycling exercises.  Turned if off and I'm getting 19 days.

    Mine was always in the Green day and night so couldn't think of a good reason to run and shut off.  One can always do a manual sampling on demand.HR.

    I'll turn back on if doing something of altitude.

    However, I talked to a friend yesterday who has some sleep problems causing low OX and High where 24/7 OX and HR could have real value.  He's looking at the Fenix.

  • Might be useful if you’re looking for some information regarding how you’re acclimatising  to altitude. Beyond that I cant see much use for it. As it’s not a medical grade device I wouldn’t see much use for detecting medical issues. It might highlight a problem that does not exist, or hide one that does.

    Short answer, of limited utility for the majority.