Garmin Epix Pro


New features compared to current Epix Gen 2 and worth mentioning:


  • You can now go for 42 and 51mm (if you're into smaller or bigger watches)
  • Flashlight
  • ECG (not enabled yet, but HW is there)
  • Still no LTE!


  • Many software improvements. And according to DC RAINMAKER "<..> every single software feature outlined above is coming to the existing Epix & Fenix 7 series units."
  • "Very slightly updated user interface (but not the newer Forerunner 265/965 one)". Just wondering if those small improvements come to Gen 2.

Well.. if you're still using older Fenix or first gen Epix - this is a nice upgrade. For current Epix Gen 2 users - not worth. Unless you desperately need any of the 3 HW improvements.

What are your impressions?

Full review:

  • I have a totally different opionion there. The 965 UI is way too flashy and feels like a watch for kids or teens. This should be a sportswatch for outdoor people etc., not a kids watch. But to each his own. I don't like the 965 UI at all.

  • As I understand - UX in Epix Gen 2 is same as in Fenix 7. Right?

    Correct, the graphics are higher quality on the Epix but the overall UI layout and configuration is the same.

  • I have a totally different opionion there. The 965 UI is way too flashy and feels like a watch for kids or teens. This should be a sportswatch for outdoor people etc., not a kids watch. But to each his own. I don't like the 965 UI at all.

    I agree, the 965 UI reminds me of a Windows 11 tablet or something. Too much of a smartwatch feel for my liking, I prefer the traditional Garmin UI.

  • As to EPIX taking on the new flashy 965 UI vs being "tied to" looking like Fenix .... System 6 of ConnectIQ has introduced a concept of Personality UI which is intended to let different devices have the exact same functionality despite having vastly different presentations

    Now obviously there is a lot more to it, and just because the potential exists for feature parity yet an AMOLED-flashy-EPIX UI and a more traditional MIPS on Fenix, does NOT mean Garmin would choose to go down this path.

  • Yes maybe. But I was more looking forward the actual UX/layout improvements they did like the new UX when you start up an activity and wait for GPS lock.

  • yeah that's better, I agree. The tiny GPS symbol at the beginning could very well be much more present on the start page.

    Maybe they will tweak in the future a bit, hopefully not too much though.

  • Right. It seems like they finally are taking a look at truly improving the UX rather than changing colors and background and I'm happy with that. What was the last major UX refresh we got? Widgets preview on the Fenix 6? The rest is pretty much stale for a long time.

    Now it seems that the Fenix team is in a different group than the Forerunner team at Garmin so hopefully they're talking... 

  • I just hope that my Epix 2 can also use the default Epix Pro (gen 2) watchface, because the watchface looks cool, it's a shame from Garmin or on the Connect IQ menu that it can only be accessed by the related series.

  • Pardon my french but this my little review of the 51mm:
    Having used my Gen2 for one year I have decided to bite the hype and bought a 51mm Pro Epix. Yesterday. Kicking my self for investing much to much money in some minor upgrade. But the flesh is weak...

    Mine is the slate titanium sapphire. All black but that slate bezel is just gorgeous. Some kind of dark grey with satin finish. Beautiful. The hardware oozes quality much more than on my previous beloved Gen 2 which was all black.
    Of course the 26mm band is giving also a very bold look to it. This looks like very serious hardware right out of the box.
    For once I really love the band sold with it. It looks like rubber tire.
    Of course I have invest in a 50 dollars titanium chinese bracelet which are my favorite in terms of confort in the sweaty summer (34°C today in Paris) and they give for 1/6 of the price of the OEM Bracelet a very nice gentleman look to the 51mm case.

    Oh, the box in which the Pro Version are sold is just a shame *** cheapy cardboard box. For a watch that price it is the smallest and cheapest box ever in my Fenix/Epix experience. ( I have started with a 5X 8 years ago)
    Really it is putting Garmin in shame. It won't be exposed in the office that one but stored in a drawer and forget.

    The cable provided now is USB C which is good for my Macbook Air love affair.

    Now about the LED. It is really powerful for such a small item.I used it on the low key.
    The watchface are gorgeous with all those color shades enhanced by the display but some use very very small fonts which are ridiculousely microscopic.Ultra tiny fonts on a very large display is well... It seems the artistic department was on strike...
    Also those new Pro Watchface are not "open" to full customization like the Gen2 Watchfaces (which are all present here too).
    You really feel they have been made in some kind of rush. Nice graphic ideas but not nice well thought details in terms of customization.

    The 5 buttons are equally "clicky" and this is a big difference compared to my Gen 2.
    It almost feel like they are on magnetic springs or something... Very pleasant clicks.

    First time I have upgraded the watch to 13.22, it has taken some times. It was loading and loading again and again. Then get frozen and then decided to be alive again.  20 minutes of wondering if my unit was not running well and... it was born again.

    Now the wait start for some Developpers to adapt their work for the 35mm display of the 51mm version.
    Sendpoints come to mind but also Battery Graph which seems not available yet on IQ Store.
    Also Garmin Pay is refusing my card when it was working flawlessly on my Gen 2.
    After some polishing I belive that 51mm with that huge battery is going to be worn for the years to come.
    I have been using a Fenix 6 for 3 years straight, my own personal record. I really wish to keep that one as long.
    It makes me feel Pro. ;-)