Problem with distance and pace measurements on Instict


I have a running route which is exactly 4.0 miles. However the Instict records about 3.7 miles. This means my pace is down on what it should be too. I've updated the Instinct to the latest firmware and tried GPS+GLOASS. Any ideas?

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  • Does your track change elevation? If so, maybe try enabling the 3D Distance feature for your running activity.

    Edit: Another thought - are you waiting for GPS acquisition after opening the activity and before beginning your run?

  • Thanks for the reply. The distance is 4 miles over map distance. 3D height would add a little extra mileage but it should be reading 4 miles without it.

    I've done a little research and I'm not alone. Others are experiencing the same issue with the instinct. I can only hope they can fix it with a firmware update. At the moment the device is no good if you need accurate distance and pace measurements.

  • Hmmm... I just checked between Google Fit on my Pixel 2, and what my Instinct recorded. In my case I see that my Pixel 2 under-recorded the distance of today's roughly 10.5km route by almost 2km, and my Instinct got it about right, based on earlier distances of this route recorded by my TicWatch S2 and previously my old TomTom Spark 3. The weird part of that is that my TicWatch S2 always used my Pixel 2's GPS, never it's own (I never did get it's built-in GPS it to work). Yet auto-recording the workout (with all of it still showing on the map, though) on the Pixel 2 vs actively beginning recording on my TicWatch S2 has this large variance.

    But I'm getting sidetracked, heh. So in my case it seems my Instinct is doing okay. Or at least no worse than previous fitness watches I've used:-)

    The only difference between your Instinct's settings and mine aside from 3D Distance (I have enabled), so far as I know, is I'm using GPS + Galileo on my Instinct, though my TomTom Spark 3 used GPS + GLONASS. So far as I'm aware the Pixel 2 uses GPS + Galileo. If my TicWatch S2's built-in GPS ever worked, I'd give a damn about finding out what it's supposed to support.

  • Same thing happen to me, could you check if sudden pace drops are happening to you too as they are happening to me?

    Check latest posts here:

  • Here are the pace drop examples I referred to.

  • Here are the pace drop examples I referred to.

    As I explained in the other post of yours, the drops in pace could be easily caused by the loss of GPS signal - for example in narrow streets, near walls or hirise buildings, in underpasses, or under trees. Try activating GPS+GLONASS or GPS+Galileo, there is a slightly higher chance to get a signal from other satellites that remain visible. That told, it will drain your battery a little bit faster.

    If you sum up all the drops, they could perhaps influence the total distance (assuming the intervals are completely excluded, which is possible), but in your case it does not seem it would make much difference. The resolution of the images you posted is too low to be able calculating what difference it could make.

  • The distance is 4 miles over map distance.

    Yes, I already saw several threads with similar claims, but until now, none of the posters was able to bring a definitive evidence. Measuring the track on a map, or relying on the distance measured by another watch is no proof of the correct distance. I recommend running a longer distance on a certified athletic stadium track, with the GPS recording mode set to Every Second Recording, and alternatively running also a longer perfectly straight track, where the distance is certified or can be somehowe properly measured or confirmed.

  • Hello, thank you for replying (twice).

    Sorry for the pic quality, as you said any obstructions to GPS "view" of the watch might affect the signal, however All this runs has been made with another Garmin in the other wrist (FR 25) and there's no interruptions in the pace chart.

    As for the settings currently using in GPS+GLONASS after trying both GPS alone and GPS+Galileo (same results). Also recording is set in "every second" mode.

    What I'd like to know if this is a common issue in other Instincts or if it's my unit that might have some problems or just being defective.

  • What I'd like to know if this is a common issue in other Instincts or if it's my unit that might have some problems or just being defective.

    I have just checked couple of running activities from my Instinct, and although I see some drops in pace up and then, I think it is at least in some part more related to true stops, for example at road crossings. There may be some gaps similar to yours, but I have also activities without any gaps at all.

  • Yes, same happens to me. Got the "instinct" a couple weeks ago and it's always measuring shorter distances as compared to what the map says.

    Have no ideas on how to fix it.