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Elevation consistently inaccurate (reading too low)

I'm having issues with the Instinct reading lower elevation than it should, which results in considerably lower elevation gains than what you should be seeing. One might be tempted to blame this on sweat, poor weather conditions and what not, but that's actually not the case. I'm noticing this on a very short ride (roughly 11km). Start and finish elevation are typically within 5m of each other (which is IMHO fairly accurate). I've had three different devices prior to this one (cycling computers)

After looking more closely at the graphs, I've noticed that the Instinct just plain out ignores certain elevation gains, and instead chooses to think I'm riding a flat profile. It does so very consistently and given that the starting and ending point read the same elevation, I'm inclined to believe this is a sofware issue. Naturally, the watch mode is set to altimeter. 

So my question is whether this is a known issue and whether I can expect a fix. Difference of 40m in 11km is pretty big in my opinion. 

  • I’m having the same issues with my FR645. A barometer is low power but not the correct tech for a smart watch. I think the only way to get an accurate real time reading is by using GPS with maps built into the watch also known as DEM (Digital Elevation Model) I had an Apple Watch which uses this and it gave quite accurate real time elevation data. Bad news is Garmin advise “Only watches with detailed mapping will have the Continuous Calibration option.” 

    So is that’s the expensive ones like Fenix 6!

  • Will this issue be fixed?

    Everytime I do a cardio workout IN MY HOME, the Instinct shows me that I’ve gone under the sea level:

  • 1) Calibrate your barometric altimeter prior to your activity if the elevation is a concern during your indoor activity

    2) During your activity, if anything interferes with the barometric altimeter port, sweat etc, you are going to get poor readings