Inreach SMS not working in Argentina and Chile

Dear people of forum :

I hope that all of you are ok . My name is Martin and I live in Argentina .

Yesterday bought an Inreach Mini unit  , and after setted it up as I wish , I tryed to send my wife and SMS .

She never received it. After that I tryed to send a friend with the same result . Of course Mapshare messages goes ok .

Today I called to Garmin Latam support and they told me that they are having issues with Argentinian carriers and Chileans carriers too .

So I must have patience and wait if any time they can fix it .

With my old unit (Bivystick) I was able to send  , but my wife received a random SMS number (shorted not 10 digits) and she had to reply to de dedicated number of the Bivystick .

It was a little difficult but  it worked .

Inreach has not a dedicated number .So if you are planning to buy or use it in Argentina , stay alert that only thru a gateway like Mapshare will be sent.

It seems like third world country (like mine) carries do not accept SMS from satellital devices .Or maybe they use some kind of spam filter . Who knows.

Of course I also called to carriers to see if they are aware of this  , and they hevle absolutely no clue at all .

I will be making test and in case i found another way , will kepp you posted .

Have a great afternoon Martin

  • Hi,

    For your information I live in New Caledonia (a french Island,  1500km at the East of Australia) and i ve got the same problem as you :(

    The  number the sms comes from my IR begins like that : +447.... Do you have the same shape? Should'nt it be a local phone number?(+687 for me?)

    I m waiting answers from Garmin and my local mobile operator...

  • Dear friend : I do not know which is the INREACH number , because sms never reaches the phone I can not check it. I am hundred percent sure that is a Garmin trouble because there are so many people in different places and countries that are having the same issue. But when support says that sms went ok and there is nothing more to do ... What can we do ? . I bought mini because I've been using outdoors Gps from Garmin since they released Vista model . But never again will buy a satellite communicator from Garmin. They need to assing a special number like Bivystick and Zoleo does. I hope to help you if you have any other question. Tks

  • Hi Martin,

    Just to answer to one of your sentences from the original post.

    The problem with SMS to telephone carriers with satellite devices is not universal.

    The problem is with Garmin devices. Using SPOT, SMS messages seem to work Ok.

    I was last saturday with a friend in a no coverage area, and his SPOT OK message reached the person who was searching for us.

    Best, Eduardo

  • Eduardo : yes , as I said with My other unit Bivystick works ok. I am sure that is a Garmin devices trouble.

    Best Martin

  • Have you tried turning off the option of "sending a map share link" in the SMS? It's a common and frequently reported issue with the SMS (it's actually a "problem" created by the cellphone companies and it happens in many parts of the world). I have that option turned off. I live in Chile and the inReach Mini works OK with SMS (despite some issues with GPS fixing position; I find it being a bit slow compared to other Garmin GPS devices).


  • Pablo : Thanks for your suggestion , but indeed I have turned off always and SMS never Worked . Only thru Mapsheare . Tks again

  • Dear friend, I live in Argentina, in Patagonia. And I have the same problem as all of you. My device is a GPSMAP 66i and it does not work with the Mapshare application. I have sent many SMS. With Claro it never worked, with Movistar only a couple of times, AT / T and Movistar Spain received. I have been in contact with Garmin Latam support (Hector and Felix) by phone for 1 month and they have not even responded to emails. Garmin Argentina (GPS Mundo) pretend to be distracted and continue to sell equipment that does not work to send SMS. I am currently in a complaint with Claro Argentina and every day they call me and send me emails to solve it. I have a corporate plan with my company of 120 telephone lines and I told them that if they did not solve it, I would go to Movistar. I hope the threat works and they can solve it. Greetings to all the forum.


  • Estamislao: I will send you a PM in spanish tks

  • Hola Martin me pudiste enviar el mensaje? gracias!