GPS CPE status consistently showing expired status...

Anyone having issues getting the GPS CPE info on their watch to stay current.  Garmin doc states using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect to sync the watch will make the CPE info status current - that does not work consistently for me even though I am doing multiple syncs and both app indicate a success status, the CPE status remains expired.

  • Software version 4.40 - still encountering the same issue.  Anyone else having the same issue with their S62?

  • Same issue here, followed all recommendations, Garmin had me send it in for service. On return synced with computer and phone and files not restored to S62 as told it would. Got to course and no cubs were showing up from sensors. Went home and had to register each club to S62 again. But CPE is valid now. Almost 2 week turn around so now is a good time to send in for servicing.

  • If you experience an issue with connecting your S62 with GPS, please perform the steps outlined in the following FAQ - My Approach Golf Product is Unable to Acquire Satellites.

    You can also check the CPE and follow the steps in this FAQ - What Is EPO or CPE on a Garmin Product?.

    Garmin is in the process of releasing a fix soon for user reports of continuing to have concerns with the satellites continuing to not locate after following the steps outlined above. Once the fix is available, user's will be notified through this post on forums, and through a new post on the Approach S62 section of forums with the change log. 

  • I sync my S62 to The Golf App, Connect and Express and it does not work. I am now on my 3rd S62. Both my son and I have this issue. He has not sent in his S62. Getting the 3rd  S62 back it was expired. Synced MANY times, went outside to get clear GPS lock  and still showed expired. Synced a few more time and left it alone for about an hour and showed up to date or what ever it says other than expired, I don't recall any more what it is supposed to say. Three days later, EXPIRED. Played this Saturday and takes time to lock in, distances keep jumping  and Caddie takes 20-30 seconds to make recomendation. Irradic prompt when leaving last hole, sometimes doesn't give a vibrating prompt and still on last hole. This is too expensinve to have a something that just keeps stroke count. 

    Keep being told to sync with Garmin Golf App is text book response, somethinig is wrong. hardware or software just fix it.

  • I play golf 2-3 times per week and sync my scorecard after each round; all my scorecards show up correctly in the Golf App but my watch does not always get the CPE update.  As 8772035 indicates something is not working consistently with the CPE sync process.  I got an "Up to date" status over the weekend and within 24 hrs it had gone back to expired - surely the CPE info is intended to be correct for more than 24hrs at a time?

  • Owen strange there are over 450 views on this thread yet just the 2 of us post on it. Watch number 2 Garmin sent me they wanted it sent to a special department so the engineers could do a tear down to see what the issue it could be. But I have never heard back and don't know that I would. So now I'm on my 3rd S62 all 3 having the same issue as well as my son too. The watch works but is slow when shows expired. Some courses do not have on cart GPS and giving course information this where S62 has additional benefits.When Expired it slows me down and thus every player behind me. I stopped carrying my scope but may need to rethink that.

  • Agreed - would be neat if other folks with the S62 could check their CPS status before/after they've synced their watch and/or scorecards and could confirm what the status shows for their CPE info.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm being affected because of my geographic location - I golf in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

  • EPO or CPE status can be checked under About in the System or Setup menu of your Garmin product. EPO and CPE files expire, and are usually only good for a range of 3-14 days. Sync the Garmin product regularly to download new EPO or CPE data.

  • Since this process doesn't always work for at least two of us, can you provide a specific location in the file system on our watch where the updated EPO/CPE info us supposed to be copied into.  At least we could then look in that location to either confirm something is missing or have a date of the previous successful update so that we could pass potential debug info back to Garmin as to when that last working update actually occurred.