Software 6.20 Scorecard Issue

I recently updated my S42 to v6.20 and used it out on the course today. I've found that when scoring and a number is entered for a hole it does not seem to get on to the scorecard. I had to edit the scorecard each time and add the score manually there as well.

Anyone else suffering from this and know of any resolutiions yet?



  • Same issue here.  Played twice and both times I had to manually enter the score even after entering the score at the end of the hole. It will not keep it in there so I have to go to scorecard and enter it again.  First time it had me shooting a 60 because I did not notice it. Today I was diligent and got the score correct. The 60 was a pipe dream but it also left out about 6 holes. 

  • Great, it's just not me then. I've tried a 'Reset Default Settings' on my watch and will see if the behaviour is the same in a few days time on the course.

  • I just did that also.  I won't be playing again until maybe Sunday if the weather is ok.  Forecast sucks right now though. Please keep us informed if that works.  When my watch updated I was in my car driving to a golf course last week and of course thought that might have had something to do with it but based on your message it does not. It also got really confused when we started on the 10th hole that day.  Which has never been an issue before. I really think this software update messed things up. It was working perfectly before. 

  • Exactly the same for me. I have to select the scorecard each hole once on the green which doesn’t help my concentration on the game. Maybe it’s deliberate and users didn’t like it switching to the scorecard if they were merely walking across the green to play a chip shot from the other side. Garmin software documentation say they’ve improved the scoring experience when near the green.

  • Just found Garmin’s answer. Looks like to you have to wait until you’re walking from Green to next Tee.

    ‘There have been a few recent changes to the scoring and stat tracking prompts on compatible Approach devices in order to enhance the overall user experience. These prompts will now automatically show on the watch between the time the player has left the green complex and arrives at the next tee box.

    This was done to allow users to still be able to access the full screen green view without having to close the auto score prompt that was previously displayed when near the green. This change will benefit users as it allows more time to use all golf functions without having to clear the full screen auto score prompt, and then manually open it again in the menu in order to enter score and stats.’

  • That makes sense and at first I thought that was the case.  So I wait until the screen comes up to put in the score. I put it in and go back and check after gps  starts the next hole.  The score is not there so I have to manually add it in by going to the scorecard screen.  I did what you described the first time after the update.  Once I got home I was missing 6 holes. I will give it one more shot next time I play then I am contacting Garmin.  I even showed the guy I was playing with who uses an S10. I tried waiting on every hole, then when the score screen came up I would enter it.  Get to the next tee and look at the score screen and it was not entered so I would enter it again.  I will try a few different methods and see if I can get one to work. 

  • I too tried again on the course and experienced the 'feature' again where you get prompted to enter a score as you walk from one green to the next tee. Despite an earlier reset to defaults after the software update the score is not added to the scorecard and so everything has to be entered twice.

    So it seems as if the last update has made things worse and the watch very annoying to use, so:

    1) is this forum monitored by Garmin such that action can be expected to resolve the situation very soon? or,

    2) do we need to escalate this issue to bring it to the relevant person's attention in Garmin?

    Additionally, is it possible to regress to the working software 6.10 until a fix is found?

  • I think we are going to have to escalate this.  I wonder how many people have received the update but have not played or been able to play a round of golf yet. I would expect this page to fill up fast once the weather gets better in most places. I assumed that Garmin would be monitoring these forums just based on the searching on here I did during the last hour. Seems like when a question or issue is brought up, sooner than later someone from Garmin gets on here and comments. I would like to set my watch back to the previous update until this is addressed.  I wonder if a factory reset can be done and then get updates up to 6.10.  Or maybe doing a factory reset and then updating to 6.20 might fix it? Maybe there is some conflicting code that gets carried over and needs to be wiped out from 6.10 and previous releases. 

  • For info, I have emailed Garmin support about this via their web page so hopefully it will be picked up tomorrow.

  • Thanks.  Hopefully they answer it soon. I won't be playing again until Thursday due to the stupid cold temps here in SC.  Maybe, just maybe, they will have a solution or an answer by then.