Software 3.50 , Added support for manually saving shot information. what is it ?

Software 3.50 , Added support for manually saving shot information.

Can´t find it on my G80, where to find this ?

    1. Goto measure shot when playing a course then you can assign a club to that distance. You'll be able to see the saved shots post match
  • So how do you see the shots? I recorded several holes worth, don't see anywhere on the garmin connect app to view shot information.

  • Use the Garmin golf app and go-to the scorecard of that round. You should see all the shots saved at the bottom click one then you can swipe from hole to hole

  • No shots are showing up, had a g7 that I used to use, so I see how it was supposed to work. For some reason the shot data did not transfer to the app. Is there a separate file on the garmin that the data is stored?

  • You can see the data stored on the g80 through windows explorer when you plug it in to your computer.

    For what it's worth I had to resync my g80 through my PC before it showed up on my phone. That has happened before this update though. Sorry I can't be more helpful

    Hopefully one of the Garmin folks will chime in. They've given no help or feedback on the update so far

  • For what its worth, I tried resynching the g80 with the PC, no luck. I'll try again the next round. The fact that it worked for you is encouraging anyway. 

  • Garmin customer support is unaware of this software change. I spoke at length with them today and both customer support and the “help” desk deny that manual save and or club assignment to the shot measured is available on the G80.  Very sad.  The G80 product manager should perform a Beatdown on engineering to correct this.  I Use an S20 now combined with Golfshot Pro for a hole overview and club tracking. I had hoped that the G80 could be used to track my club distances using the measure shot feature as well as a launch monitor.   Looks like I need to stick with Golfshot Pro for club distance during a round and buy an SC300i launch monitor. 

  • I actually got it to work, wouldn’t until I did a product reset. Had to re-enter all my data but it did start working.

  • What do you need help with? I use the G80 to track my club distances, track each shot on the course.

    This video shows it in action...

  • 5010864, just the guy I was looking for. I’d written off the G80 until I saw you’re excellent video describing shot tracking.  However, when I called Garmin to confirm that I could actually select a club when measuring a shot they insist that club selection is not supported.  What I’m hoping to do is select measure shot when I’m at the ball then be able to select the club used. Hoping to save that info and sync with Garmin golf app for stats.  Garmin still insists they have no club support in the G80.  Makes no sense to me.  So, are you saving a round and reviewing all the shot by distance and club after syncing? And does the 80 provide club average and max yardage stats like my cheapo S20?