over 3 years ago



Weather forecast location gets updated only by activity

The location of a weather forecast is updated only when the watch detects a moving activity like this:

The location is not updated namely when: 

  • you arrived by a car at home and the last moving activity was a hour ago 100s kms away
  • just acquiring a GPS by an outdoor activity is not enough. The activity must be long enough for weather forecast to accept new location. 

The location never updates unless there is such activity, so the weather forecast can be wrong for days. 

Question for workaround: How to trigger the location update manually now before you fix it? 

Suggested fixes: can the location be always updated from the phone? The phone always knows the correct location by WiFi or BTS info. 

When you'll fix it? 


PS: suggested feature is to change even the location of the watch itself so it shows the right position in the map and gets the GPS location quicker:

  • Wow, you really fixed that? I'll start to like you! What version will have it fixed? Can't wait for it! 

  • Guys, I understand that you don't care about Connect IQ developers and hundreds of bugs in your API. Maybe your „leadership“ forces you to be a „feature factory“ that constantly adds new features without any quality measures if they even work or if they are helpful to users. But this bug is inside your featured weather widget that you deliver with your F6 flagship (and probably all other watches as well). 

    You don't care even about it? 

    The steps to reproduce are consistent. Your weather forecast widget (and a forecast available on the API as well) is giving a wrong forecast for a wrong location when the user commutes by a car e.g. for a weekend as described above. The forecast location simply does not get updated. You really don't care that your work shows the wrong forecast?