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over 4 years ago


Warning prompt when submitting Contact Developer form with no email

Developers are frustrated that users can submit developer feedback without an email address, because the feedback they often receive is from users asking for help. The developers are left with no way to respond. We made an email address optional in the form so users could protect their privacy if desired.

Developers have suggested a compromise: present a warning to users if no email address is provided, informing them that the developer will be unable to reply to them without it.


  • Related: a significant number of one-star reviews I get are from people asking questions like "how do I get to the app?" or otherwise needing help.  It would be great if the review form could suggest contacting the developer when they select a low review score, to filter out this noise.

  • Thank you, Brandon, for creating this!

  • so now i'm getting about 2 of these a day that i have no way to respond to.  and what's so funny is that garmin has been saying it's a privacy issue why you don't include the email address, but you include their username, which in most cases that i've seen is their actual name.  

    garmin, you guys seem to be getting a lot of flack lately.  what's going on internally that some of these long standing issues aren't getting any attention?

  • so frustrating that this hasn't been fixed.  I get at least one contact a day with no way to reply.