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over 1 year ago

Font positioning different between simulator and real device for Edge 540/840


I noticed that the fonts have changed between the 530/830 devices and the new 540/840 devices.  Unfortunately, the positioning of the new fonts does not match between the simulator and a real device.  Please see attached pics from the simulator and from a customer's real device.  These screen shots are running the same code, yet the font positioning is way off.

So, even if I adjust the font positioning for the simulator, it looks completely different on a real device.  I have no way of getting this matched without having a real 540/840 device to test on.

Can the simulator 540/840 devices be fixed so they match the real device?

I tried attaching images of the problem but I keep getting an error about exceeding a quota.  I tried reducing each image down to under 120KB each and even tried combining both images into 1 image that was under 150KB.  No good, still can't submit BUG with images attached. 

Happy to provide images on request

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