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Fenix 7 series - GPS track recording is stopped during activity when a widget is displayed

The following scenario currupts the GPS track recording of any activity and have to be fixed in my opinion with higher priority on the Fenix 7 series devices.

During an activity with GPS track recording it is possible to display the watch face and switch to any widget on your device. This behavious was also possible on other devices like the Fenix 6 series. If you do that and display a widget it seems that the GPS is turned off and the track recording stops.

That means checking the solar intensity, messages or using widget like MagicDust (that double the battery life during an activity) doesn't work anymore. That leads automatically to a false track recording.

After displaying the active activity screen again the GPS is activated again and starts recording. The recorded activity includes all information except the missing GPS track points that are not recorded while the widget was displayed (heartrate, temp, altitude...).


- Start an activit that supports GPS track recording

- select the map view

- Toggle to the watch face and select a widget

-walk some meters to a different location to check the missing track points later in the recorded track

- toggle back to the activity screen, the GPS fix is displayed

- the map view is updated and displays a straight line to the position where you selected the widget

Device info: Fenix 7X sapphire solar, FW 7.20, tested GPS modes (GPS only and all systems)

It would be nice if any other user can verify this issue, because it may also be related to my Fenix 7x device, thanks for your help.