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Garmin Connect Mobile 4.22 for Android includes the changes to allow HTTP on

Connect version 4.20 broke local http access?

Getting several reports of functionality no longer working, it looks like Android Garmin connect app version 4.20 may have broken web request to local host via urls like

  • Small update from a happy gimporter/gexporter user on a 1030plus: connecting to Wi-Fi breaks the localhost solution, which is entirely unsurprising: when requests aren't funneled through the cIQ/GCM BLE uplink, localhost will be the device itself.

    Disabling Wi-Fi through the menus is quite a hassle, but (at least on Edge devices up until 1030+?) there's a shortcut: just press play, start a dummy activity, and discard it when done with the transfer. 

    In a perfect world Garmin might want to declare some fantasy hostname (uplinkpeer.localhost or something like that) that would funnel through the BLE uplink to localhost of the connected GCM instance even when Wi-Fi is enabled, but for my current use case the activity workaround isn't too bad.

  • Thanks for you share. I have got a certificate for my domain. I can use https right now.

  • If you need to do http connections, then i advice you to use a own dns-server to map allowed http-domains (like to your wanted ip-adress.

    This is my journey:

  • You'll see a difference with GCM Android vs iOS.  You want to use https.

  • While  is correct that we advised switching to HTTPS in 2017, this clearly hasn't been strictly enforced and we apparently had a blind spot with regard to some of these use cases that require HTTP.

    Is this correct now? I find some devices can make http requests and some cannot. Is http blocked by some devices or GCM