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Garmin Connect Mobile 4.22 for Android includes the changes to allow HTTP on

Connect version 4.20 broke local http access?

Getting several reports of functionality no longer working, it looks like Android Garmin connect app version 4.20 may have broken web request to local host via urls like

  • As long as your machine is in the network with the dns-redirect, yes. But I think you don't need the redirect hack for the simulator.

    The whole https blocking comes from the android/ios-os. But the simulator runs directly on the machine, no phone-os involved. Hence no blocking should be involved. Except, if your simulator-host-os (maybe macOS?) introduces its own http-blocking. I'm using linux without any issue access my local network by http.

  • One thought I had on the bike after tediously going through the wifi disable / enable routine for what feels like the hundredth time: all those pains could be resolved if widgets had an way to disable/enable Wifi when needed. I think the current API allows read access to some configuration keys but not write?

    Configuration write through cIQ could be valuable in general, because many people will have *some* exotic configuration toggle need. Far too exotic to include in the default UI, but a widget tailored to their specific need could make them happy. That long tail of niche functionality, that's exactly what cIQ should be about.

    So for those reading at Garmin: if you have a pros/cons board about a cIQ configuration write feature, feel free to add "would also kind of solve that long standing phone localhost via BT-uplink topic" to the pros side :)

  • I'm still struggeling to access my local network. Does the redirect hack of "" also works with the simulator? Setting "Use Device HTTPS Requirements" i can see a respone from my fake host in the network trace and with "View HTTP traffic" but still get a -1001 error in the simulator app.

  • Thanks a lot for posting that link. I achieved the same thing using a different service than pi-hole, but your article saved me a lot of time and heartache.

  • Thanks for your excellent workaround! I share your considerations. http is more than enough for my local network and domotics use cases. I was able to redirect the domain (I don't use) and added my SBC: I used bind9 for this. Working flawlessly and also works with the similator